24 Season 8 Episode 7 10 PM – 11 PM Live Blog

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I’ve been ambivalent about a TV show before, so I know how ambivalence feels. This is not ambivalence. This is disdain. I’m probably going to miss the show next week and I don’t care. I may or may not watch it later in the week. Who knows? I hope 24 is better tonight, but I bet it won’t be.

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

10:00 PM
-Why would the adviser come up to the President and say congratulations on the unanimous support, and then say “well, almost unanimous.”
-“There are unsecured nuclear materials in play.” That’s how a President speaks?
-Jack Bauer’s disguise glasses are ridiculous.
-No cell phones in CTU.
-The show was like, “OK, this year we’re going to make Renee look more like Lindsay Lohan.” I’ve been making that joke every year, but… Well, does she have so many freckles?
10:08 PM
-I’m really hoping Starbuck gets busted and CTU makes a no cellphones rule for next year.
-Maybe it’s a trap, though I can think of several million ways she could have gotten him busted without going through all this trouble.
10:12 PM
10:16 PM
10:18 PM
-“Where I end up, I don’t care, but this boy is with the angels.”
10:29 PM
-Why does President Hasan have ridiculous glasses as well?
-Here is 24’s annual depiction of torture as bad and evil. To what end does this serve the purpose of the writer’s of 24.
-Now the cousin will get arrested. Watch.
-They leave guns loaded in the evidence room, loaded with water that is!
-Did we figure out what Starbuck would have access to this stuff? All the schematics for the evidence warehouse?
10:36 PM
Oh, it’s a Toyota ‘we’re sorry’ commercial…
10:40 PM
-Well now, this whole scenario was unexpected…
-Just to go over that again. Renee got slapped, then full on punched. Then she grabbed the sausage knife and stabbed Vladimir in the eye, then Jack Bauer came in and she stabbed him in the gut and he looked like he was down and out before the Red headed Russian came in and Jack Bauer threw the sausage knife perfectly into his throat. Then Jack Bauer shot through the wall to kill the other Russian. That’s 2 JBKCs giving Jack Bauer 7 for the season. In reality, the sausage knife would have bounced off the wall 2 feet from the Russian. Just saying.
10:46 PM
10:50 PM
-I like how Hastings is like “HE WAS OUR ONLY LEAD.” Basically because he was Russian and there was another Russian… It wasn’t a very solid lead to begin with.
10:54 PM
-Jack Bauer couldn’t have thought of anything else like both of them hiding? Or going out the back? Or anything? This was the best plan? “Have them start tracking me from the air.”
-“The Russians took him, the ones with the nuclear materials.” That was obvious?
-You knew when Jack Bauer specifically mentioned they could track him from the air that that was going to be a problem, right?
10:59 PM

For you a completely shocking 15 seconds of violence might make up for a terrible season, not me though. Maybe this day will only be 12 hours long instead. I can dream anyway, right?

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24 Season 8 Episode 7 10 PM – 11 PM Live Blog

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