24 Season 8 Episode 6 9 PM – 10 PM Live Blog

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Last week was a snoozer, hopefully we’ll get something better tonight. Actually, I have little faith I’ll be at all interested this season. The story arc is set (4 more hours until a showdown at the pier, where disaster will be narrowly averted, at which point a bigger threat will be identified). Remember a couple seasons ago when they set off the nuke in California? That’s the last time 24 surprised me, though I suppose the attack on the White House was unexpected. But only because it was so far out of the realm of possibility as to be absurd.

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

9:00 PM
-What do you get for the former 24 live blogger who just doesn’t care about 24 anymore?
-You see? You see what’s happening with Starbuck. This is one of the reasons anti-terrorism employees aren’t allowed to use cell phones at work.
-You know, Jono and I keep talking about how this season is just like all of the other seasons. It’s not, though, it’s so MUCH more boring. I thought we were going to have something when they blew up a helicopter in NYC on the first night.
-This Russian family has 3 different types of accent. Father has thick accent, one son no accent, 2nd son some type of accent…
-I can’t threaten to quit, you won’t believe me, but this season of 24 sucks.
9:23 PM
9:27 PM
-Oh no, we’re going to back to the President Taylor storyline. Where she is mad at a president who is cracking down on traitors!
-None of this makes any sense. None of it.
9:29 PM
-Oh, now President Hasan is acting loopy.
-Why does Starbuck keep taking out her Bluetooth when she needs to talk on her cell phone? DOES SHE NOT HAVE ANOTHER EAR?
9:31 PM
-I hate Chloe.
-Yeah, see, right there, you see that? Arlo looking at Starbuck breaking tons of laws? That’s why none of this makes any sense…
-Er… Did she need to wash the bug down the drain? Why? I don’t understand.
-I really don’t understand anything that’s happening this year.
9:37 PM
9:41 PM
9:42 PM
-So when the President’s top security guy has a problem… He needs to call the President’s daughter…
-This is something of a surprise. In fact I’m more shocked that I’m shocked.
-The Russian’s dad is cold-blooded. And the Russian mobsters are pretty good if they can just find dudes at any health clinic in the NY metro area…
9:46 PM
-Interestingly, they’re both speaking German with an American accent. But, good on Keifer speaking Deutsch for so long…
9:48 PM
9:53 PM
-The thing is… Renee is sort of making sense. Don’t kill the buyer so that we can make bigger deals. But she never said, ‘don’t kill the buyer so that we can make bigger deals.’ This show is awful.
-Jack Bauer gets a JBKC for knocking that dude down. I think that’s #5, right?
-The father shooting the brother just to prove a point is… well, that’s what happens on 24, huh?
9:59 PM
10:00 PM

Looks like Jack Bauer shoots some people next week, or at least shoots at some people… I really don’t remember the season being this bad at this point last year. What is wrong with me? Why am I watching this? Oh yeah, I’m watching it so you don’t have to.

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24 Season 8 Episode 6 9 PM – 10 PM Live Blog

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