24 Season 8 Episode 5 8 PM – 9 PM Live Blog

Looks like we’re headed to another long season of predictable and underwhelming drama with brief moments of impossible to believe stupidity. Jack Bauer has 3 JBKCs this season, will he go for a couple more tonight?

This 24 Tag will take you to ALL of the ’24’ related content on Unlikelywords. I count the number of people Jack Bauer knocks down (JBKCs), and this year, I’ll also be counting the number of times someone says, damn it. (If I remember.) As always, let me know what you think in the comments!

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

8:00 PM
-Hasan’s security forces did a pretty good job of finding the traitors in the government pretty quickly. Where were they YESTERDAY?
-5 hours from now? I guess that’ll be another pseudo climax…
-There are probably 50 different blowtorches with which to cauterize that Russian dude’s wound, so… why are they using acid/gasoline or whatever Jack Bauer just dumped on it?
-There had to be a better way to get that guys thumb off. No?
-Jack Bauer’s “Not anymore” about the bracelet was pretty good.
-There’s no way that CTU hires a convicted felon. Or someone who is using a fake background. There just isn’t. On top of that, I couldn’t care less about Starbuck’s story arc.
8:11 PM
-Did you notice the stunning lack of Scott Brown/Martha Coakley commercials? You did if you’re watching this in MA.
8:15 PM
-Is Jack Bauer using an iTablet while driving?
8:19 PM
-President Taylor is a ridiculous president. Isn’t sedition and being a traitor a capital offense in the US? Why would she care if it is in another country?
8:21 PM
8:22 PM
8:26 PM
-“I’m your wife, damn it.” What are odds that Hasan’s wife is somehow involved in the plot?
-I’m having trouble coming up with any of the plot lines this season that I give a shit about.
8:30 PM
-Holy crap, it’s another Cylon.
-How many BSG actors are on 24 now?
8:37 PM
-If Dana Walsh’s cover was good enough to get a job at CTU, why doesn’t she just call the cops and get those dudes arrested? She could just deny everything they said, right?
8:43 PM
-I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care.
-Why doesn’t communications technology work in an armored car?
8:48 PM
-Is that Andy Samberg on 24?
8:55 PM
-If Jack Bauer is following a decoy, then they’d be doing that to see if they were being followed. They would have been looking for them.
-Sheesh. Seriously?
-How many years have passed between this season last season? How did Renee get so batshit insane in like 8 months or so?
8:59 PM

Wow, I was hoping 24 would deliver something at least pretty good this week, and instead they just took a giant dump in a diaper and threw it up on the TV. Why would they do that to us? Why? Why? Don’t they care about us anymore?

24 Season 8 Episode 5 8 PM – 9 PM Live Blog

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