24 Season 8 Episode 3 6 PM – 7 PM and Episode 4 7 PM – 8 PM Live Blog

Let’s give this another shot, shall we? I wasn’t wowed by 24 last night, and the 24 Live Blog ran into some technical difficulties and was largely unavailable during the first hour. Hopefully we can avoid that tonight and just have some fun. Ugh. As if watching 24 is fun.

This 24 Tag will take you to ALL of the ’24’ related content on Unlikelywords. I count the number of people Jack Bauer knocks down (JBKCs), and this year, I’ll also be counting the number of times someone says, damn it. (If I remember.) As always, let me know what you think in the comments!

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

6:00 PM
-While watching the scenes from yesterday, I’m thinking that Hastings could be trouble. If he plays so fast and loose with the rules, and Jack Bauer can so easily convince him to let him follow up on Mike/Davros, wouldn’t it be easy to corrupt him in other ways?
-Also, Freddie Prinz, Jr FTW!
-Jack Bauer doesn’t have a lot of experience playing basketball. That much is clear.
-Jack Bauer is constantly getting himself into situations where people think he did something he didn’t do.
6:11 PM
6:17 PM
6:18 PM
-Totally shocked that there weren’t any Brown or Coakley ads during that last commercial break.
-Ask me how much I care about Starbuck’s storyline? Go ahead, ask me.
-“If you’re gonna beg, I wanna here you say my name, like you used to.” That’s a little naughty for 8PM, isn’t it?
-Jono says, “Anyone can just park on top of CTU.” Apparently it’s easy to find as well, and it’s employees are very easy to find out about as well. Also, they’re able to use their cell phones at work.
6:24 PM
-Haha. Jack Bauer is going to get tortured in the basement by an angry cop. Who is going to see this and think it’s a good idea?
-Also, how hard would it be for the cops to call CTU before they started beating the crap out of him?
6:26 PM
-Davros is shorter than ALL the other cops.
6:27 PM
6:31 PM
-Hasan does the right thing. Against the contrast of President Taylor doing the wrong thing.
-That was the first time I’ve been surprised by something on 24 in 7 years!
6:36 PM
-You know Mike/Davros is Horace Goodspeed from Lost, right?
6:36 PM
-Jack Bauer breaking the chair against the wall was pretty awesome.
6:44 PM
-So, the fact that they’ve just decrypted the file and found what they think is a bomb in the United Nations is the exact reason that they would have evacuated the president as soon as a threat to anyone was identified.
-Hasan’s short Jason Schwartzman brother is so ridiculous. His hair just makes the whole thing unbelievable.
6:47 PM
-I don’t want to keep harping on this, but in 24 world, the president was attacked at some point in the recent past. The security around her would be amazingly tight.
6:52 PM
-Wait, Freddy P is going to drive himself? Er…
6:54 PM
-Doesn’t Freddy P have a radio to say, “Stop the motorcade now?”
7:00 PM
-Has Jack Bauer not had a chance to pass the word about Mike Farmer?
-Apparently not.
-Freddy P, you gotta take back up!
-Should Jason Schwartzman really be calling the assassin now?
-I can think of over a million different ways Jason Schwartzman could have escaped besides sticking a pen into his bodyguard’s neck.
-By the way, I forgot to give Jack Bauer a JBKC for knocking that cop down. That’s number 3.
-And that’s JBKC #4 for Jack Bauer.
7:11 PM
-Wait Hastings just called it the Islamic Republic. It is Kamistan or the Islamic Republic.
7:13 PM
7:17 PM
-Knowing the freakout over the Underwear Bomber, can you imagine if this happened in real life?
-Didn’t Jack Bauer just get the hell beaten out of him 40 minutes ago?
7:21 PM
-It would have been awesome if Davros was a bomb.
7:22 PM
7:27 PM
-Renee is all Lindsay Lohaned out. Interesting.
7:28 PM
-President’s Hasan’s hair is gigantic. I’m just noticing that now.
-These Kamistani men have crazy, crazy hair.
7:32 PM
-I am pretty curious to see how exactly Renee was undercover with the Russians and how she get out from cover while keeping it intact.
7:35 PM
7:40 PM
-Zing! Take that Hastings. Meredith Reed gives as good as she gets.
-Meredith Reed could be the scorned women of all scorned women, but she’s handling it like a big girl. Go you!
7:42 PM
-“Not with nuclear weapons on the line!”
-Wow, the Russian mobster is cold blooded. Using his son as evidence.
7:47 PM
7:52 PM
-They’re still using PDAs? Really? At least they’re not saying smart phone this year.
-Renee is such a downer!
-Dana Walsh’s stalker boyfriend is the reason CTU employees shouldn’t be allowed to use cell phones while they’re working.
7:56 PM
-Renee is such a flirt!
-I totally lost track of whether Jack Bauer said ‘Damn it’ tonight.
-Renee cutting a chunk out of that dude’s arm was unexpected…
7:59 PM

One more JBKC for Jack Bauer tonight moving him up to 3. It’s awesome how they can keep reusing the same scripts every year. One terrorist does something bad in the first 4 hours leading to a plot that is solved in the first 6-12 hours, which uncovers an even more sinister plot, which is then solved in the 23 hour. See if that doesn’t play out this year.


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24 Season 8 Episode 3 6 PM – 7 PM and Episode 4 7 PM – 8 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 3 6 PM – 7 PM and Episode 4 7 PM – 8 PM Live Blog

  1. josh says:

    i’m watching on dvr and just got to this episode…renee cutting off the dudes hand was pretty sweet. she’s fucking nuts…perhaps unrealistically nuts, but who cares about realistic when watching 24.


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