Heart and Soul

I promise Unlikely Words is not going to become a Man vs Beast fan site, but, but, but…

“Man has something the beast doesn’t have, and that’s heart and soul.” OK, then. If you don’t have time, the orangutan gets jobbed by dumb rules.

Here are some other contests from the series via the Wiki. I wonder if during the elephant one, someone said, “This elephant racing 44 dwarves doesn’t even know it’s a contest.”

Professional eater Takeru Kobayashi lost a hot dog eating contest against a Kodiak bear.
Scott Helvenston, a US Navy SEAL, won a race against a chimpanzee through an obstacle course.
A group of 44 dwarves lost a race against an Asian elephant to see which could pull a commercial jet a certain distance first.
Shawn Crawford, a world-class sprinter, won a 100 meters against a giraffe but lost against a zebra.
A Sumo wrestler lost a tug-of-war against a large, female orangutan.

Heart and Soul

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