‘Moneyball’ Film is Back On!

The on again, off again movie version of Michael Lewis’ book, Moneyball, is back on. Bennett Miller, director of Capote, has been brought in to steer this ship home. He will, apparently, be taking the movie in a direction different, and more mainstream, than original director Steven Soderbergh.

Here’s a video of Michael Lewis explaining the origin of The Blind Side. There’s about 15 people in the theater when he does.

If it’s pettiness you crave, here’s a bazillion word, 2 part series on The Forgotten Man Of Moneyball, Eric Walker. In an interesting move assuring a constant bias, the author of the piece is that forgotten man, Eric Walker.

Lastly, I’d like to again ask why Liar’s Poker has not yet been made into a movie.

‘Moneyball’ Film is Back On!

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