Jersey Shore Nickname Generator

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Like a lot of America, I spent Thursday night spellbound by MTV’s newest reality series Jersey Shore. For those of you not caught up, imagine if MTV staged “Real World” on the Jersey Shore with 8 characters, with names like “The Situation” and “Jwoww”, who combine steroids, fake tans, and hair gel to make some of the trashiest television I’ve ever seen. This is an epic level of douchery that may not be matched in pop culture ever. Ever is a long time and I wanted to add to the douchery, so I badgered Chris into helping me cobble together the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator below. Enjoy! You may also enjoy the Tiger Woods Mistress Generator.
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#container {
#question {
margin:20px auto 40px;
#question br {
.tall {
#first {
/*border-bottom:solid 1px #a9a9a9;*/
#answer {
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Fist Pump

If you think of any nicknames that should be in here, leave them in the comments or email them to me. Thanks again, to Chris McCoy for helping with this. If you like what you see on Unlikely Words, Subscribe by RSS, or subscribe by email or on Facebook.
Update: Oops, should have been better with the Google. Here’s a Jersey Shore nickname generator that’s a little more offensive than mine. They did have it up firsties, though.

Jersey Shore Nickname Generator

699 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Nickname Generator

  1. Wows my name is L-POW that’s cool !!!!I LOVE JERSEY SHORE!!!!! Stop hatin on jersey shore man if you are don’t even bother being on here FUCKERS!!!! FUCK OFF MAN SHIT !!!!!


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