Apple and Disposable Technology

This blog post, about Apple and Disposable Technology and how we buy iPods every 2 years now, has been written thousands of times, but I enjoyed Brendan Kelly’s artful take on it and have been meaning to post this for 4 months.

Think about it. Apple really nailed this one. There’s an apple store here in Chicago, and I remember going in there only 2 years after the first ipods came out and there was a bin for ‘recycling your ipod’ right there in the store. There was a sign above it that said something like “it’s been good to you, now recycle it”. Dude? Are you fucking kidding me? Those things cost like 300 bucks! I hate to sound like a fucking grandpa, but back in my day shit that cost three hundred bucks wasn’t supposed to fucking die EVER. I mean, what kind of brass iBalls does this company have that they can sell this shit for so much money and then when you bring it in because it’s broken, they can smile smugly and say “hey, it’s not supposed to last much more than 2 years. It’s been good to you, right? Now recycle it and get another one.” Fuck. You. (and yeah, I’ll take another one…snivel)

Apple and Disposable Technology

0 thoughts on “Apple and Disposable Technology

  1. nichole says:

    Now, I may be a bit biased, since I actually work for apple…BUT…let’s apply that same logic to a car. If apple is getting 150 bucks per year out of us (replacing a $300 ipod every 2 years), that means that a 20,000 dollar car should last 130 years. And that’s not even considering the money that we spend maintaining cars over their lifetime. And it’s true that cars have resale value, but I sold my 3 year old iPod for 150 bucks on amazon. Likewise, we might spend 3,000 on a nice fancy new flatscreen TV, but I doubt most people will hold onto that for 20 years. We buy 100-200 new cellphones every 2 years. Why should an iPod be any different?


  2. Anthony says:

    The utility of a ipod is in-comparable to that of a car. A vehicle enables you to get to work, travel, go to the grocery store, etc. An ipod serves no utilitarian purpose it is a entertainment device. In fact a vehicle can be a revenue generator or a facilitator of it (traveling salesmen, taxi cab, food delivery, courier) whereas a Ipod is only a cost generator.


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