0 thoughts on “Best Personal Homepage Ever – www.jimcarrey.com

  1. Leroy Huxtable says:

    500k – 1 million listeners? Sirius has about 18 million listeners and I am going to guess probably 5 million listen to Stern (between Sirius and illegal streaming). At his peak, Stern had 15 million listeners. While he’s unlikely to ever come close to those numbers, he still has a very loyal following. Sirius certainly isn’t going to pay him 500 million over five years again, but it’s likely he will resign at a “discounted” rate in exchange for a shorter show.

    Sure, he would truly be “The King of All Media” or perhaps “The King of All New Media” if he launched his own thing. But, it seems unlikely given the fact he is 55 and has busted his ass for so many years. 25 years ago, sure. Stern would be a fool not to just resign with Sirius and On Demand where everything is already set up for him. I just don’t think he has the energy at 55 to start all over again.

    Lastly, did you really say Adam Carolla’s insanely popular morning show? Was that as insanely popular as David Lee Roth’s morning show?


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