Battlestar Galactica in Reverse

This is interesting. On Reddit the other day, someone mentioned they wanted to watch Battlestar Galactica in reverse, and the next comment kind of blew everyone’s mind.

adama for president
Photo by Flickr user D’Arcy Norman

If you watch Battlestar Galactica backwards, it’s a story about a ship called “Galactica” coming out of retirement to lead humanity to a new home, where it is retired. The people have to abandon their home planet to spend some time farming mud on “New Caprica,” then they find a beautiful new place to live. Roslin becomes president, then she’s a schoolteacher for a while, then she’s president again. She has cancer, it goes away, then comes back. Then she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

The president has an assistant who gets killed by a cylon-hater. She gets a new assistant who gets killed by a cylon-hater.

SURPRISE!, Tigh’s wife comes back! Then he kills her. Then SURPRISE!, she comes back!

Adama is very sad because the woman he loved died… but he falls in love again. Then he’s very sad, because the woman he loved died.

Baltar works on a farm, but then he becomes a famous scientist before working on a farm again.

Lee and Starbuck try to have an affair, but it’s really awkward, because Starbuck’s already in a serious relationship. She gets married. Then Starbuck and Lee try to have an affair, but it’s really awkward, because she’s already in a serious relationship.

In the first episode you’ll wonder when they’re going to explain ChipSix. In the last episode you’ll still be wondering that.

Also, if you watch the series forwards, the same stuff happens.

Now granted, ‘All this happened before and will happen again’, but it’s hard to tell if the commenter was trashing the show’s redundancy, which is how I read it. On the other side, Adam thought this added to the show’s depth. Is the fact that the same things keep happening again and again a bug or a feature? I enjoyed the hell out of the series, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll never be able to think of Battlestar Galactica again without taking the comment above as criticism, not praise.

Via Adam P

Battlestar Galactica in Reverse

0 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica in Reverse

  1. I can see how it could be viewed as a criticism. The big draw for BSG for me was that it didn’t provide a ton of answers, rather it left a lot up to the viewer to interpret and debate.

    That’s a hallmark of any good story, whether it allows different readers/viewers/listeners to come up with their own ideas. And with this summary, it’s the same mantra. While I was watching the show, I didn’t find it redundant, and yet at its core it was completely redundant! To me, that’s absolutely amazing.

    So say we all!


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