Live forgetters Download

forgetters were supposed to record a 7″ in October, but for those of you who can’t wait for it to come out, I found this recording on the Twitter of forgetters at Lit Lounge on 9/19/09 might be able to tide you over. It’s 7 songs in a tight 23 minutes, and it sounds pretty good (better than the Thorns of Life Gilman St bootleg). Unfortunately, I don’t know the music well enough to provide a track listing, and and more unfortunately, this is all 1 MP3 track.
Although there’s some song overlap, I like forgetters better than Thorns of Life, so there.

forgetters, Lit Lounge, 9/19/09

(I’d like to give credit to they that recorded this. If it’s you, let me know.)

Live forgetters Download

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