2008 Election Look Back

Last year, I spent about a month putting together this 2008 Election Round Up of reactions, articles, thoughts, videos, etc. It’s fun looking back at it now and actually using it the way it was intended. It seems like a year was a long time ago and yet not that long ago. I’m not sure how many of the links are broken now, but take a look through it and pass it on.

2008 Election Look Back

0 thoughts on “2008 Election Look Back

  1. Yes, yes . . . Election 2008 was even exciting for we Canadians – I can’t remember the last time our Prime Minister was more conservative than your president . . . the shame . . . – but what’s really important is:


    That is surely the worst bit of sly torture you Americans have come up with! Little hints of a live forgetters set and then . . . NOTHING!

    Usually you just fly innocent Canadians to Syria for hellish beatings (and then claim that we can’t sue you for such things because, well, er, no real reason given there really). But this! This is beyond torture!

    Cruel. Cruel.


    P.S. If the NFL actually followed this blog’s advice, it would easily be the gutsiest and most exciting game in the world. Until then there’s . . . FOOTBALL (the kind that’s played with foots).


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