0 thoughts on “What to do with Junk Mail

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I have spent considerable energy to reduce the amount of junkmail delivered to our address. There are many steps of varying difficulty and vigilance required to receive almost zero unsolicited mail, but you can reduce probably 80% of junkmail by doing two simple things:
    (1) Sign up for the pre-approved credit offers opt-out
    (2) Sign up for the “mail preference service” from the direct marketers’ association
    Both are outlined here:
    Thanks, government page!

    I also found it helpful to contact a few awful companies:
    Advo – they produce those annoying coupon books (Val Paks)
    Globe Direct – you can opt out of circulars!

    The work is when you order something from jCrew and they add you to their list, so you have to call and ask to be taken off. Some catalog companies (like Athleta) are part of a marketing consortium (based in Britain, so not members of the DMA above) who all share lists. Some companies (like Bloomingdales, for example) get your name, then sell or rent it on a list to other companies. I usually ask how a company got our name, then I call the company that gave it to them and demand that they contact anyone to whom they’ve sold or rented our name and tell them to stop sending us stuff. I also ask everyone I ever call about not getting mailed that they not rent or sell our information.

    A great trick is to put something into address line 2 that identifies the purchase. I bought my wife pants from Bloomingdales and put “Pants central” as address line two as a joke for her. A month later we started receiving catalogs from unrelated companies addressed to us at “Pants Central” in address line 2.

    It’s a lot of work and I’ve been lax since Eloise was born. It turns out the most despicable companies include many that make things for babies and children.

    But, it *is* possible.


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