Hawks in Boston

Hawk in Boston

Another hawk sighting in the city. Along with imagining seeing that giant out on the fire escape and being freaked out that he’d eat me, I’m compelled to blog about hawks in Boston so I can link to one of my first blog posts after starting to blog again in 2004. I was sitting at my desk in Davis Sq when there was a flutter and thump outside the window and a hawk had caught a pigeon in mid-air and then smothered it right on the sidewalk… I went out to check it out, and it flew off thinking I was trying to steal his pigeon. I didn’t realize that happened in the city, but it does. And they attack people at Fenway, too.

Hawks in Boston

0 thoughts on “Hawks in Boston

  1. Joel says:

    I came across a small group of people staring into a tree in Harvard Yard a few years ago. A hawk was calmly picking apart and eating a squirrel on a low branch (no more than 10 feet up) while these folks quietly looked on and snapped pictures. Pretty cool!


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