Mad Men Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

This episode was disjointed, lots of several small scenes only loosely tied together, in a way that this series only does when they want to. That is, episodes like this have historically been done on purpose to set something up. It did feel busy though, didn’t it?

-Getting right into it, Mad Men + Memento + Lost = the opening scenes. We’ve had flashbacks in the show before, but never flash forwards. I don’t know what the point was, though the joke Don’s dad told during the flash forward, flash back is one of my favorites.

-Oh, Conrad Hilton, how you doing? Nice way to start a week, I suppose. I like the way he talks, “Are you nervous, Don? I’m finding you hard to talk to” and, “Having me in your life is going to change things.” I also like how he told Dan to come in earlier.

-Ossining has played a huge role in the last couple weeks. I wonder if they’re going to start setting up those bus tours of Mad Men of prominent locations, the way they do for Seinfeld/Sex in the City. When Don signed the contract, you saw his address as 42 Bullet Park Rd… Stop by.

-After Betty got off the phone with the Governor’s adviser she checked the desk drawer, but it was locked. Drat.

-“Stop barging in here and infecting me with your anxiety.” I don’t remember Peggy’s dialogue being as distinctive the last couple years. She seems drifty. I don’t know if the writers don’t know what to do with her, or if that’s how they’re trying to present her. For instance, Duck and Peggy. Who saw that one coming? I assumed he didn’t have sex.

-The teacher is a nut job and Don would be well suited to stay away from her, but he won’t. The way it’s being built up, there is going to be a climax of some sort. It would almost be more of a shock if Don didn’t sleep with her, but I expect a load of crazy out of her before the end of the season. Also, note the juxtaposition of Don with the teacher while Betty was with the adviser. Throw in the obscuration of the eclipse and you’ve got some serious symbolism.

-Did you notice the cool shot of the eclipse in Don’s sunglasses at the end of the teacher scene?

-Roger to Don, “Are you afraid you’re going to have a boss?” Who isn’t? It’s weird how their relationship has deteriorated.

-Don FREAKS any time the contract comes up. At Peggy and at Betty. Twice this season Peggy has walked into Don’s buzz saw. Maybe he resents her knowing about his car accident, but last season, he had already forgotten it a couple days later. People don’t say, “You’ve got you’re hand in my pocket” enough anymore.

-Good morning, Vietnam! Two references this week and I think one other in the last couple weeks? I’m really not sure how Mad Men is going to deal with the next 7 years. I don’t know why that dude had to donkey punch Don, though. Hippie robbers!

-You were wondering if Pete Campbell telling Bert Cooper about Don Draper/Dick Whitman was going to have ramifications, and then it did.

Mad Men Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

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