Mad Men Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Jaw dropping. My mouth was open for the entire scene. I expected Lois to drive the tractor out a window, but I didn’t think they’d show it. So in actuality when she drove over someone’s foot… Wow. It’s too bad the show isn’t set in Boston, because then we’d have the perfect Boston Massacre joke set up.

-As Don noted, the British are coming on the day celebrating America’s independence, why would they do that on purpose? Seems unnecessarily antagonistic.

-The meeting between Bert, Roger, and Don had 2 funny lines, “Ever since you swung around your privates with Duck in the board room”, and Bert talking about the British studying Don’s “particular American genius”. Then Bert made Roger and Don go get haircuts. Think their quarrel is over?

-I was surprised how pleased Don seemed with the idea of getting a promotion, because it makes him seem more human than he’s been the last 2 seasons. The Don of the first season was dispassionate about his career trajectory. Since the purchase, he’s seemed to give a crap, which is weird.

-That was nice of Betty to give Don a can of Budweiser, but we were lead to believe last year that the women would only keep Heineken in the house, the other beer stayed in the shed.

-I don’t know if I care about Joan or her husband not having brains in his fingers. Though I did just find out Dr. Harris is played by the cousin of a friend.

-Don’s disappointment during the reorganization meeting was palpable, and shows more of the same career concern that’s new this season. I’m not sure what his doodle of stars in a box is supposed to mean, but I bet there’s a theory for it.

– I wish I had a talking Bert Cooper doll so I could ask questions and hear things like “It’s about letting things go, so you can get what you want,” and, “We took their money, so we have to do what they say.”

-You sort of knew the guy Don made an Old Fashioned for at the country club a couple episodes ago was going to pop again, but I doubt any of you thought it was Conrad Hilton. I like Hilton asking for advice, Don balking (even giving us a ‘What do you want me to do?’, which is like the ‘What do you want me to say?’ we get so often), and Hilton saying flat out, “I want you to give me one for free.” Then Don’s starving snake analogy was weird and not as slick as you’d expect. Think we’ll see Hilton on the show again, or is he just an analogy for opportunity?

-Sterling’s line about McKedrick’s foot slays, “Believe me, somewhere in this business, this has happened before.”

-Was it just me, or did Don and Joan almost make out when saying goodbye? Is she still on the show?

Mad Men Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

0 thoughts on “Mad Men Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

  1. I don’t know, I thought this episode really jumped the shark — i.e. mowing off someone’s foot just so Don could get suddenly thrust into opportunity after being denied.

    I hope the writers avoid that kind of drama in the future, and stay focused on all the interesting characters they’ve created.


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