Top 10 Strategic Errors

Well, hell, we all make mistakes. And we all love a good list. My favorite is #7.

1. Failure to recognize or take seriously the scarcity of resources.
2. Mistaking strategic goals for strategy.
3. Failure to recognize or state the strategic problem.
4. Choosing poor or unattainable strategic goals.
5. Not defining the strategic challenge competitively.
6. Making false presumptions about one’s own competence or the likely causal linkages between one’s strategy and one’s goals.
7. Insufficient focus on strategy due to such things as trying to satisfy too many different stakeholders or bureaucratic processes.
8. Inaccurately determining one’s areas of comparative advantage relative to the opposition.
9. Failure to realize that few individuals possess the cognitive skills and mindset to be competent strategists.
10. Failure to understand the adversary.

Thanks, Dave!

Updated to add:
While I noted it to Dave, I should have mentioned it here, as well. This list should have 11 points, the last being Vizzini’s rule of never starting a land war in Asia. That one’s so obvious.

Top 10 Strategic Errors

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