Michael Pollan on Whole Foods

As Emdash said last week some folks are boycotting Whole Foods for some dumb things that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said regarding the current health care debate. To completely destroy my credibility, I don’t think I actually read what he wrote, so take this with a bag of salt (that you may or may not buy at Whole Foods). I’ll only reiterate that I’m not boycotting Whole Foods, I don’t shop there because I don’t like it. You know who else isn’t boycotting Whole Foods? Michael Pollan:

So Mackey is wrong on health care, but Whole Foods is often right about food, and their support for the farmers matters more to me than the political views of their founder. I haven’t examined the political views of all the retailers who feed me, but I can imagine having a lot of eating problems if I make them a litmus test.

Via HuffPo and Joe.

Michael Pollan on Whole Foods

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