AAA Roadside Service For Bikes

Unfortunately it’s only in Oregon and Idaho, but extending roadside assistance to bicycles seems like a good idea to me. Maybe if it works, it’ll be rolled out to other areas of the company (Boston, please!), and then we’ll never have to worry about flats again. And one way to make it cooler? Hire mechanics on bikes to service broken down bikes within the city.
Thanks, Dave!

AAA Roadside Service For Bikes

0 thoughts on “AAA Roadside Service For Bikes

  1. APik says:

    I think of AAA as an insurance company, at least in the way they make their money (they take in more “premiums” from their customers than they pay out to tow truck companies, etc.) Given this structure, I’m pretty sure Boston won’t be high on their list. So many potholes!


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