Somerville Shepard Fairey Mural Defaced, Repaired

I can’t believe it took me 2 months to get to this, but I’m kind of glad it did because of the happy ending. At the beginning of April, Union Square’s Grand came in to find their Shepard Fairey mural defaced and if you look at the pictures, not even in a creative way. Fairey had put up the mural and others like it all over Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, etc this winter in advance of his show at the ICA. While some of these murals, like the one on Grand, were officially approved, some were not, resulting in a legal storm with charges being added as quickly as they were dismissed. The police are so interested in adding additional charges, they recently came in to Grand to ask if the mural had been approved.
All this to say, that in the meantime, Fairey sent a local friend some replacement posters and the mural at Grand has been restored to it’s original design. This makes me happy.

Somerville Shepard Fairey Mural Defaced, Repaired

0 thoughts on “Somerville Shepard Fairey Mural Defaced, Repaired

  1. One of the murals he put up in Allston (right next to the bike shop) was ripped to pieces and someone recently came and pasted a brand new mural over it as well… though some of the other ones around town are getting ripped and defaced in little ways as well (one in Harvard square has Xs over the eyes and something like “sellout” on it; another in Allston has become a victim of graffiti artists)


  2. Brian G Stevens says:

    Shepard Fairey is known as the Rosie Perez of the ArtWorld.
    He is an Artist who does not represent a demographic nor a class but only an Ass who steals from the Rich and the Poor to serve only himself. Fairey then sends out cease and desist letters from his corporation to artist who parody him.
    Rosie “Fairey” Perez justifiably lifts and steals so he can get to his own Finished line..

    A TRUE Trust Funded Artist…


  3. Miguel Ramos says:

    I would like to address the previous threaded discussion which assumes many Street Artist believes Shepard Fairey is a SELL OUT. In clarity this is a complete fallacy and far removed from the essential truth of our criticism.

    Our critique of his work addresses not his financial success of SELLING OUT but his successful robbing of important historical movements and cultures. Our collective movement of activist who employ fair criticism questions Shepard Fairy’s actions and copyright violations in question. This is an important social critique of Sheppard Fairy as he symbolically represents the new breed of corporate pilferers in the World today who are exploitative of workers,culture, commerce and it’s by products.

    I would like to initiate our discussion by calling into question Shepard Fairey’s and his machine thourgh its unethical cultural practices of producing art which is lifted from historical schools and its authored sources. Shepard Fairey has stated that he has lifted the branded poster from an AP photographer for the OBAMA campaign. Fairey has years of violations in manufacturing radical chic as mercantile. Shepard Fairey has exploited many historical movement worlds wide in generating millions of dollars in profits selfishly for himself and his corporate company. We have nothing against his commercial success only against his unethical practices. For over a decade Shepard Fairey has continued with a patterned of infringed abuse. Fairey had every opportunity to settle with the AP and request clearance for his corporate company and its entities.

    Instead he spends more time sending cease and desists letters to individuals that he feels his company is threatened by.

    There are many others important critics, writers and artists who have identified and shared the same critique, This is an important issue to address as Fairey is operating as a wolf in sheep’s clothing presenting himself as a Street Artist who is citing creative commons when in fact he is hiding under the umbrella of Fair Use. The artist says he is defending artist everywhere when he is only protecting his assets and other future potential lawsuits.

    The so called rip-off Artist Shepard Fairey is facing serious allegations of Copyright Infringement from the AP.
    Shepard new public release say he stands for Artist everywhere? My question is name the Artist that Shepard Fairey is defending?
    In addressing the Korporate War on Greed it is important to identify the different types of exploitations which are in existence in our day and age which have recently come to light. There is a strong organic movement which is being directed towards unveiling individuals like Shepard Fairey who are now known as exploitative in their fundamental practice as the merchant who has violated a decade of copyright laws as well as misrepresenting the media in the marketplace.
    The opponents to Shepard Fairey are not one singular individual but a collective of many who have taken a respectable stand against him and his Companies, Greed and Exploitative Acts.

    Come join us in truly questioning our culture in question…


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