Michael Lewis vs Fareed Zakaria

What’s coming for the big banks?
“I think they steadily become much more boring. I think they steadily attract a lesser caliber people to work for them and they pay less.”

“The people who created the problem are so powerful in deciding in what the solution to the problem will be.”

I’ll say it again. No one wants to make Liar’s Poker into a movie? How can this be?

Michael Lewis vs Fareed Zakaria

0 thoughts on “Michael Lewis vs Fareed Zakaria

  1. Adam Pieniazek says:

    For the record, I would buy an opening night ticket to a Liar’s Poker movie. One of Lewis’ best books and probably the most adaptable to the big screen.


    1. aaron cohen says:

      Moneyball and The Blind Side are both in production now. Liar’s Poker must be buried somewhere because of Hollywood politics. It makes too much sense.


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