Lost Season 5 Finale Post and Thoughts

Has there ever been a show more inconsistent than Lost? Season 1 and 2 were bonkers amazing. Season 3 was uneven tilted towards bad. Season 4 was awful before the writers strike and OK afterward, culminating in one of the better season finales of all time. (Though it was not “a moment without equal in TV history” as Rolling Stone called it in this article about the end of Lost. More on this here.)

Lost Season 5 has been pretty even all the way through with several big reveals that open more questions than they answer. The article above discusses this strategy and the creators’ relief at finally being able to let cats out of the bag now that they have a finite amount of time to tell the story. I tend to watch Lost with a bemused understanding that the show will do whatever it wants, and that’s OK as long as they do it interestingly. I also don’t get sad when characters die because when you’re talking time travel, anything can happen at any time and Daniel Faraday might walk through that door. Mr. Ecko might walk through that door. The blond lady that loved Hurley? She could walk through that door.

So do you think they’re going to answer all of our questions in a satisfying way? What are the top questions you’d like to get answered tonight and next questions? Add them to the comments and let’s have a discussion.

I’d like to know about Hurly’s lady love and why she was a patient in the hospital. Some other things I want to happen next year: The jewel thieves who were buried alive show up again and have an impact. (That was the one time ’24’ got crazy and tested the ‘X-Files’ theory of non-linear storytelling, glad that got axed.) Also, earlier in the year when they were flashing through time to different periods in the Island’s history, I REALLY wanted them to flash to a time when the island was all developed and golf coursed out. That would have been amazing.

Finally, even though this is made-up conjecture, you heard it here first, the founder of Taza Chocolate is Richard Alpert. See for yourself.

Taza Chocolate Richard Alpert
Thanks to Aaron from Taza for the pic.

Lost Season 5 Finale Post and Thoughts

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