24 Season 7 Episode 22 5 AM – 6 AM Live Blog

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I have a theory that about half of the things we saw last week in the “Scenes from next week” montage are not going to happen this week. We’ll see.

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5:00 AM
-Just to recap. If you were furious with someone, would you be able to smash a mirror with your bare hands and stab some dude in the neck? I don’t know.
-I thought they were just going to frame this guy. They’re going to actually make him deploy the weapon? That make sense to you?
-I’d been wondering all along who Tony’s girlfriend reminded me of. Duh. It’s Renee Walker. This is ‘The Year of the Redhead’ on ’24’.
-“Give him enough morphine to take the pain out of his voice.” Is that a clinical amount of morphine?
-Janice and Chloe both answer the phone at the same time?
-Also, Jack is trusting the henchman to run point on this and make up a story?
-How long before Janice comes up with something that Chloe can’t do?
-Oh man, that was a good move, have the transit cop be a plant.
-How many hours has Aaron Pierce been working? I mean… They do work shifts, right?
-Really? The assassination went through because the operative vouched for Olivia and not because he wanted to blackmail her? Really? Come on. Who is writing this show?
-Haha. Kim is being tailed? That guy’s FBI.
-Jack Bauer can’t pull anyone over, he has to knock the shit out of the van they’re driving over.
-I’m giving Jack Bauer a JBKC for that one. Give me a minute as I look back 50 freaking episodes for the last time he knocked someone down.
-Oh, here we go, Janice figuring out something Chloe couldn’t. We didn’t predict that 2 seconds ago.
-That’s someone’s stoop right there. Imagine waking up to flashing lights and Jack Bauer beating the hell out of someone (who had died twice before) on your stoop.
-Also, we can’t be more than 2-3 minutes from the device’s detonation time.
-By the way JBKC 37+1=38.
-Don’t forget, Jack Bauer gets a JBKC when he cures the mad cow in his system.
-Also, is it absolutely necessary that Jack Bauer drive and talk on the phone, too?
-Did you guys realize that the escalator wasn’t moving at all? Neither one was?
-Told you that guy was FBI. Or something.
-I like that random, stranger husband. He’s a player.
-I knew it. I was typing it out and I realized that FBI guy was going to get killed by the friendly strangers.
-Haha. The E-Man and I had the same thought at the same time.
-Wait. Are we all aware what’s going on here? I think this will be the 4th season where Kim Bauer will need rescuing. REALLY?! AGAIN?! DO THEY NOT HAVE ANY OTHER STORY LINES?!
-Well, I’m glad Olivia Taylor is going to get it. Also, what the hell is Ethan still doing awake?
-Holy crap, where did Olivia get $250,000? Seriously?
-Seems like this plan is based on a shit ton of happenstance. If Kim’s phone doesn’t run out of batteries, if she chooses another couple, if, if, if. Why didn’t they do a small scene where Kim and the woman were sitting next to each other on a plane?
-Actually, I don’t know why this is bothering me. This entire series is based on all sorts of random stuff needing to happen.

So we got one more JBKC to 38 and an entire ton of stupid. I have a surprise for you. Next week, I may or may not be able to watch the finale in real time. I’ll set everything up for you guys and add the live blog when I come home, but the comments section will be open for you to go nuts in. 2 hours of Jack Bauer madness. Count the JBKCs, count the “Damnit”s, count the times Kim makes a bad decision. Marvel in the maddening writing style of unrunning escalators and random chance. See you next week.

24 Season 7 Episode 22 5 AM – 6 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 22 5 AM – 6 AM Live Blog

  1. Mike says:

    Speaking of House…what the hell was with the season finale!? Was Dr. House just imagining sleeping with Cutty? I dont watch House all the time, but catch enough of it to make sense of whats happening…but that ending left me pretty confused.


  2. Mike says:

    Jack isin’t going to die. He has signed on for Season 8, which will likely be the last season, as a feature film is slated to begin filming shortly after Season 8 is completed. Rumor is that the first half of the movie will be jumping from time frame to time frame, while the other half of the film will be real-time. Should be good! We’ll see..On another note…I hope Olivia gets screwed big time in this episode.


  3. Mike says:

    Alright, considering the fact that there is almost NEVER any cell service in the NYC subway, I highly doubt they would be able to use those little ear-com’s so easilly…


  4. Mike says:

    Wow…I am done with this show…I dont know if I can even entertain the plot twists anymore. This is supposed to be happening in real time. Theres no way operatives would have been able to move in that fast on Kim at the airport. I mean, shit…Tony wasnt caught until almost half way through the episode. Come on.


  5. the E-Man says:

    I’m luving this Jack and Tony together again like never before again and again. No Way that clip just showed Jack and Tony TOGETHER ! How did he take down Renee?


  6. Mike says:

    Phew! Two hours next week!! Maybe I wont give up just yet, lol. Local news is on now…2 cases of the Swine Flu confirmed in the Albany, NY area…oh buy, here we go. See ya next week, folks!


  7. the E-Man says:

    Kim used to be an operative so if she picked up on the guy following her & she knows theres a BIG Bio-Weapon thing going on in DC the she should be totally paranoid of EVERYONE !


  8. the E-Man says:

    Our local news is all about the Tornados last week here in the SW MO. Only had a 1/2 dz deaths but 13 confirmed tornados and lots a 85 mph straight line winds. Yep can’t wait til next week think I’m gonna take off next Tuesday just so I can watch as much of the whole season as poss straight thru !


    1. aaron says:

      On Boston’s local news, we just found out that the man who was driving the T when it crashed into another T because he was texting his girlfriend used to be a woman. Also, that they may ban texting on all subways so that drivers stop texting.

      Also, this is a good idea, but the entire season 7 is available on DVD right after the season ends. Wonder if it will leak at all.


  9. ann says:

    I hate myself for watching every week–for the last 6-8 weeks.

    I’ve lost track of how many times they have jumped the shark in terms of the believability of this being real time.

    There is no way, even taking the technology into account, that there is time to do some of the stuff they’re doing.

    But I keep watching, don’t I? Frustrating.


  10. april says:

    does anyone know the name of the actress who was talking to jack through his ear phones??? the one who said they had his daughter??? trying to figure out.


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