5 The Wire Links for Monday Morning

What better way to start Monday morning than 5 links about The Wire, 2 of which come from TVTattle.

In this article, David Simon talks about an idea for a new project about the CIA. Yes, please. Also discussed is his project on the fight for desegregation in Yonkers’ public housing and what happened after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Also, I must have known about the Treme (pronounced trah-may) pilot, but can’t remember hearing about it. It’s about New Orleans post-Katrina and is heavy in the music.

Here are 12 interviews between stars of the show and Hobo Trashcan.

While this where are they now is a bit depressing. Would expect some of these folks to get more than guest roles on police procedurals.

Finally, this last link from The Daily Record has a headline saying “Cops use skills from TV show The Wire to trap drug dealers”, but then goes on to describe what sounds like a normal police bust. Unless, of course, cops in Scotland spent preceding years using different techniques like “just ask the bad guys to come in” and “pretend there’s no crime.”

Bonus link: Of course, the above link might stem from the fact that the UK is supposedly going through The Wire fever since it just started airing terrestrially on BBC2 at the end of March.

5 The Wire Links for Monday Morning

0 thoughts on “5 The Wire Links for Monday Morning

  1. Loved the Wire. Did you ever watch Generation Kill? Great mini-series from Simon and Burns about Iraq. Very powerful and obviously graphic.

    A CIA show by David Simon (and Ed Burns?) would surely rock.

    Looking forward to Treme, post Katrina New Orleans sounds like an apt setting for Simon’s novel-esque storytelling.


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