24 Season 7 Episode 21 4 AM – 5 AM Live Blog

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I don’t know if tonight is going to be different. I sure hope so. Nothing has really happened that isn’t super ridiculous so there’s no point in going over it again.

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4:00 AM
-“However if you cooperate, there’s a good chance you and your brother might live through it.” For what?
-“There’s no treatment, there’s no cure.” Sounds like a hardcore song.
-I thought Janice got a talking to, but of course the writers needed a reason to bring up racial profiling, so Janice conveniently forgot her lesson.
-Ew. Chloe’s tears look like milk.
-That’s some quick profiling, huh? Just kidding, obviously this is from the neighbors calling. But that’s what’s going to get him visited again in a moment.
-“This is his personal web account.” What does that mean? Do I have that?
-Also, it’s awesome how quickly they can find someone when they’re running out of episodes. Also, it’s easier if there’s only 125 Muslims in Washington, DC.
-She wants to kill Jonas Hodges? And this is why she’s arranging an assassination? There are literally hundreds of other more realistic ways for this to play out.
-How long do you think it will be before Aaron Pierce arrests Olivia? This episode? Next episode?
-New identity, already?
-My Blue Heaven 2 – The Jonas Hodges Story.
-“I can smell attitude, son, and you’re giving it off pretty thick.”
-I was going to write out the quotation about how hard he worked to make his name. Whatever.
-Oh, right. They’ve been going after everything with huge teams of people all day and for this they send crybaby Walker and Seizure Jack Bauer. That makes sense.
-Also, they found the only guy in DC who watches CSPAN.
-They found this guy because he was listed as a personal reference on a visa form. So why does this guy say they got the information from “Where does he worship?” I mean, he’s got a point that they have info that they shouldn’t have, but why don’t they use that info?
-Jack Bauer believes that if you yell louder, that means you’re telling the truth.
-You’d think brothers would have an unspoken way of communicating, right? Wait. I know they would.
-You can set up an assassination in 20 minutes? Everything is happening so fast in this episode. It’s dumb. Imagine an entire season at this pace.
-OH WOW EVERYTHING WAS BACKDATED? And it took until now to figure it out.
-“I gave up on that a long time ago.” Forgiveness that is. I really hope this guy converts Jack Bauer.
-It’s quarter of five, aren’t any of these people going to go to bed?
-Also, it’s clear that Olivia is going to be arrested for conspiracy even though she canceled the hit.
-At least that’s how I would do it if I was being stupid and predictable.
-“You strike me as someone who wouldn’t be satisfied ferrying prisoners around.” Say Jonas Hodges to the man he’s met for 8 seconds.
-“I don’t plan on doing this my whole life.” Says the man who is obviously in his 50s.
-When the Marshall walked away from the SUV, you knew it was going to explode.
-Tim Woods just did the hold up his cell phone and I’ve got to take this.
-And then Olivia did it, too.
-This show is dumb.
-Ha. They set her up. Blackmail!
-Haha. That was awesome. The brother smashed the window and stabbed him in the neck in about 2 seconds.
-There sure were a lot of people walking around the train station for 5 AM.

I don’t know, seems like there’s been a LOT of shows without any JBKCs. We’re not watching the show to see Tony turn people into terrorists. Also, did you see Kim Bauer in the scenes from next week? She might not be in next week, but now it’s obvious Jack is going to get the marrow transfer.

24 Season 7 Episode 21 4 AM – 5 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 21 4 AM – 5 AM Live Blog

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the email reminder! I was web surfing (one of millions looking for a job…) and totally lost track of time…going to the high def tube right now…bracing for bauer! (not like that..heh)


  2. Mike says:

    I said the same thing about Janice. She has to open her ugly little mouth every time something a LITTLE out of line is done. I wish she would fuck off!!! Its just annoying now…whats wrong with these writers? They think the seasons almost done so just gaff the script…jeesh.


  3. Mike says:

    “I’m sorry for the noise…it wont happen again.”

    “Okay, just keep it down from now on.”

    Wasnt that already established? Also…wouldnt a sweaty, raggety looking muslim cause some concern to a police officer? It would if I was cop responding to that call…


  4. Mike says:

    I mised something while I was outside smoking during the break…

    -”This is his personal web account.” What does that mean? Do I have that?

    What did you mean by this? What happened?


    1. aaron says:

      Mike, Chloe found all the information on this guy and said “Here’s his personal web account.” It was weird.


  5. Mike says:

    During the commercial spot for the local news … there is a piece on my local fox news about teens and “sexting” … and how to protect teens from “sexting” their peers…heh..gimmie a break! I hate the media


  6. Mike says:

    WTF!!! The HD signal has droped….the show has come back on in SD….god damnit Time Warner!!! Anyone else seeing the show being broadcast in SD? And if so, what market are you in? I am in Albany, NY


  7. Mike says:

    Okay, Hd is back…halfway through my call to Time Warner..heh. BTW, why the FUCK would she even attempt to use a govnment computer to make the financial transaction…wow.


  8. Mike says:

    Someone tell me why only ONE PERSON is excorting “Mr.Tippet” (Spelling). Okay, vehicle exploded…nevermind. WOW!


  9. Mike says:

    Someone tell me why there are that many people on the subway, at 5am? What? Does the DC subway even open at that hour? This show sucks


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