Lucero? MTV? Craig Brewer? Oh My!

MTV’s Five Dollar Cover is based on The Hill’s, but set in the Memphis music scene. Fascinatingly, it was created by Craig Brewer who made ‘Hustle and Flow’. There’s something about the dialogue in these unscripted shows that drives me crazy because of it’s tendency to be off a couple beats from real dialogue. Oh, and Ben Nichols from Lucero is one of the characters on the show. I can’t imagine watching this, unless I watch it on mute with closed captions.

Look, we’ve all been there, hanging out with friends having a good time, something crazy and dramatic happens and someone says, “Man. This could be on TV.” But then STOP. If you think you and your friends have ridiculous times that should be on TV or in a movie, WRITE A TV SHOW OR A MOVIE and probably hire some actors. Unfortunately, not everyone can improvise, and when they try to, it makes me want to change the station.

Lucero? MTV? Craig Brewer? Oh My!

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