Konami (Contra) Code on ESPN.com RIGHT NOW.

Update: And just like that it appears that the happy magic is over. All 30 lives have been extinguished.

If you go to ESPN.com and enter in the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a enter), you’ll get unicorns. Lots of them. This is amazing. It felt good to use the Contra Code again, though I think I got less than 30 unicorns.

Konami Code on ESPN Unicorns

A couple years ago you could log into ESPN Insiders by using the first name of a 2 name college as the user name and the second name as the pass word, for instance Login: Boston Password: College. I don’t know if that was a feature, a bug, or user error, but it doesn’t happen anymore.

Via Twitter

Konami (Contra) Code on ESPN.com RIGHT NOW.

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