24 Season 7 Episode 20 3 AM – 4 AM Live Blog

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Basically, last week didn’t do anything to make me feel better about what’s going on. Jack Bauer is almost totally out of the picture, though I’m sure he’ll make a miraculous recovery by the end of the episode. Blah blah blah. I’ll try to keep this fun for everyone, but it’s really a struggle.

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3:00 AM:
-“Don’t talk, your vocal chords are in seizure.”
-That’s 2 for Tony, huh?
-“Make sure he doesn’t lose it.” Like Jack Bauer’s a little boy.
-“I’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake.”
-This guy looks a little like Levar Burton.
-Tony is much better than Levar Burton.
-Wow, they found the lawyer lady pretty quickly.
-The lawyer lady was giving Tony flack. “Don’t start with me.”
-Tony is pretty, but when he starts thinking, it doesn’t work for anyone.
-Webex in the hizzy!
-This scene is like the opera scene in the latest Bond.
-I hate how this ringleader guy talks slowly just to add gravity.
-I’m thinking you get shot in the abs, it hurts a lot and makes it hard to kill peeps. But you definitely start bleeding if you take a shower an hour later.
-Janice is such a patsy.
-Is Hodges going to do a reverse Kevorkian thing here?
-“Relax, Mr Hodges, you’re already dead.”
-“Muhammed this, Achmed that.” That’s sensitive, ’24’.
-Wow, they have excellent lie detection software, huh?
-“Consider the resources of the government at your disposal.”
-The President says Jack really hilariously.
-Why do they need to “Reconstitute the CTU servers?” This doesn’t make any sense. Did I miss something?
-They didn’t take the data, they just mothballed the servers?
-Tim, the field ops guy, has a lot of questions, huh?
-Jeeze, Tim, shut the hell up.
-“He was using you and Bill all along…in an effort to seize power.”
-Why exactly was Tony working with Bill and Chlow? What did he get out of that? There was just no point in it.
-Why do they need so many guys to kill this non-terrorist guy? I feel like I’m only watching half the episode and the explanations for all the stupid plot holes are in the parts I’m not watching.
-What’s bothering me is that the plot holes are just lazy. Like they wrote the show in some sort of 25 minute brainstorming session.
-The Attorney General asks Secret Service dudes to check on Chiefs of Staff?
-Aaron Pierce should rat out Olivia for exposing state secrets.
-Aaron Pierce is a world class diplomat and he knows how to defuse crazy situations.
-All political operatives are gay apparently.
-Really, Olivia? This is the guy she calls? Has she not heard of the CIA?
-“If you think your need to complain is more important….blah, blah, blah.” In any case, I feel like Garafolo should have had some ethical issues with this role.
-Tony shouldn’t be in the field. If he gets punched in the side, it’s all over for him, right?

Hey! How about that. 3 episodes in a row that sucked! Plot holes? Check! Unnecessary and lazy plot holes? Check! Jack Bauer whisper? Check! Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just don’t get it. I really need to find another show to live blog.

24 Season 7 Episode 20 3 AM – 4 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 20 3 AM – 4 AM Live Blog

  1. harris says:

    i have a question, Does anyone know the name of the man who first approved the next attack? He was silent but typing to Trisha? Thanks!


  2. Starfire says:

    I think it will soon be revealed that Jack and Tony are aliens fighting in an intergalectic war for the right to steal DNA from right leaning Republicans. I just watched my last episode!! LOL


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