Jerry Remy Profile

Today’s Sunday Globe Magazine has a 5,000 word profile of Jerry ‘RemDawg’ Remy. Interesting to read that his bubbly, fun loving on-air persona is so far from how he is when not doing game analysis. In the off-season, he stays out of the public eye completely “preferring to sit alone in his den, in front of his 70-inch flat screen, and smoke his Marlboro Reds”.

There are some other tidibits including Remy quit smoking this year, his side business makes about a million dollars a year, and he hates giving speeches. Remy was soundly criticized for promoting The Remy Report a couple years ago, but toned it down drastically last year.

This profile was definitely not written for a sports fan and features many apparent contradictions, but it will give you a quick sketch of the man.

(Via Twitter)

Jerry Remy Profile

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