New Thorns of Life Album Out June 30th? Called Legislators and Prophets? Rumor Time!

Rumor Update 3 (3 months later) Since the album is supposed to be released in 10 days and there has been no announcement from the band or the label the album was supposed to be released on, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Legislators or Prophets is not going to come out on June 30th.

Rumor Update 2 (4 hours later) DeSoto has clarified their email. Of course they know who Thorns of Life are, but they’re still not releasing the album. This rumor is looking more and more unrealistic, but we’re getting closer to the bottom of it.

Rumor Update (an hour later)! I posted the below earlier this morning before hearing from DeSoto Records. They are not doing the album, saying it’s an internet lie, and that they haven’t heard of The Thorns of Life. I’m skeptical of that last point, though because of the Jawbox/DeSoto/J Robins connections. J Robins recorded with The Thorns of Life last month.

Hearing rumors that ‘Legislators and Prophets’, a new album by Blake Schwazenbach’s new band The Thorns of Life, will be released June 30th on Washington, DC’s DeSoto Records. Can’t find much more info than that except for the track listing below, and a mention on a French blog, and well, The Thorns of Life Wikipeida page (The Wiki has now been updated with ‘no release plans’). This news seems counter to news earlier in the year that the Thorns would self-release an album. This is a living document and I’ll keep updating it as I get more info.

From the World Inferno Friendship Society message board a track listing:
1. The Black Arts
2. Kryptonite
3. My First Time
4. Ribbon Head
5. Available
6. Anti-Song for Barthelme
7. Not a Track Bike
8. Mont Blanc
9. I Hate New York
10. Oh Deathly Death
11. Gemini
12. Vivid Green
13. Building Al Qaeda in Washington
14. Tuning Out

New Thorns of Life Album Out June 30th? Called Legislators and Prophets? Rumor Time!

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