24 Season 7 Episode 18 1 AM – 2 AM Live Blog

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Wow, last week was boring, possibly even more boring than the week before. Hopefully this week is a little better. Apparently, we’re getting Kim Bauer back again this week, so we’ll have her character to kick around.

We’ll be back with you at 9:00 EST.

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1 AM
-I keep forgetting how much I hate Voight in this season.
-I just saw Elisha Cuthbert’s name in the credits. They couldn’t have kept her out to keep up the surprise?
-I think Jack Bauer just called the President a liar.
-RP-7 rocket fuel. Anyone know if that’s real?
-The President just gave Jack Bauer operational authority.
-I’d really prefer for Tony to just kill these guys and not mess around.
-Why weren’t the rockets fueled up already?
Oh, Morgan Freeman doing Visa commercials, interesting.
-“He may not look like much, but he’s a genius.” Interesting.
-Wait, Hodges is trying to deny he was involved? Why bother?
-They have a business plan. They must be serious.
-Oh, here we go.
-Where did that other guy come from?
-This Dr. Scientist guy is a prick, no?
-Shouldn’t someone call the President and have them arrest Hodges?
-Now, what are they going to do to jerk us around for 6 more week?
-“My only crime is that I’m trying to protect this machine. You think this ends with me? I’m just a small cog in a very big machine.”
-Did Redstate.com write this dialogue? The self-importance, the hero complex, it’s all so ugly.
-The team didn’t provide an option. They provided THE option.
-Can you imagine what a panicked and senile Jack Bauer running around the FBI office?
-I resent Kim Bauer. She’s the original character that shows the misogyny of the writers.
-“I’m ready to pay for what I’ve done.” Sepia Tony’s my favorite. I hope he doesn’t run away.
-She was at the cemetery this morning? What cemetery?
-Wait, cemetery or Senate Hearing. She must have said Senate Hearing.
-Meh. She looked better in Season 1.
-She looks like such a Tilly. Was her hair always so fakely dyed?
-“I’m the one that pushed you away and blamed you for all the stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life.” I can think of like 15 things she did in the first 3 seasons that just made everything worse.
-Oh, so this is what we’re going to looking at, a couple stray canisters?
-Why is Janice asking all those questions? I just don’t see the point of her character?
-Can Tony jump onto the truck out of the helicopter?
-Oh man, what the hell, Tony is another double agent? Come on, really?
-So that’s it for Larry Moss, but… Couldn’t Tony have screwed everything up for America like 50 other times?
-By not exploding the rockets maybe? Also, this is just fucking lazy and disrespectful by the writers. I hate this shit more than anything. It all depends on Tony being in the helicopter with Larry. And why even bother showing us Tony killing the Starkwood dudes etc. You just CAN’T flip flop people every week. Fuck ’24’ and the writers.
-Look at me, I can be a writer for TV. Here’s a character that has died twice. He was good. Then bad. Then dead. Then bad. Then good. Then bad again. Why even bother?

Fuck this shit. There’s not even any point writing about this because it’s just stupid.

24 Season 7 Episode 18 1 AM – 2 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 18 1 AM – 2 AM Live Blog

  1. Winfred says:

    WTF???…. WTF?….. This show is so freking UGGGG!!!!….this is so stupid… NO!…dont stop writting…lol.. i find it interesting what you have to say and what people have to comments about. The previews were so lame…lol…


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