Not for Passover Matzo

I might be the only one on the internet talking about this, but all Matzo sold during Passover should be Passover safe. Look, I know I have to take personal responsibility for this, but I could have used a little help. Streit’s, I’m looking at you. Shaw’s Porter Square, you should be ashamed. You can’t have a “Passover Section” and include foods that aren’t for Passover.

Incidentally, you might wonder why it’s OK for Matzo to be made out of flour, but not be able to eat any other unleavened flour products. Matzo is made under strict supervision and must come out of the oven less than 18 minutes after water is first mixed with the flour. No word on why no one has made pita bread or tortilla wraps in less than 18 minutes. There could be something there.

Not for Passover Matzo

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