24 Season 7 Episode 17 12 AM – 1 AM Live Blog

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What did you think about Matt’s Live Blog last week? Personally, I found it amazing that he made so much sense considering he’s never seen the show, ever. Last week, we’re left with Jack Bauer at the FBI and the FBI getting taken captive by Starkwood. I’m not sure what they think their endgame is, but I don’t see how this plays out. Really. Also, the First Daughter is a scumbag and we hates her.

We’ll be back with you at 9:00 EST.

Until the live blog starts, here is what we’ve said about 24 before.
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12:00 AM
-The dialogue really is super awful this year.
-Does John Voight really get to determine which building the President wants them to search?
-I don’t know if I can watch this storyline anymore. It makes me sick because of how similar John Voight sounds to Glenn Beck.
-Why isn’t Starkwood listening in this conversation? They have the radio frequencies from last week.
-“Doug Knowles. Jack Bauer sent me.” Shouldn’t Knowles have his own loyal security force?
-Jack Bauer’s mad cow disease is kicking up.
I liked that Sprint commercial, too.
-“Visual confirmation from you, Jack, eyes on.” That seems like they’re just building false barriers.
-Haha. Not only is the First Daughter a scumbag. She’s weak and stupid. Getting blackmailed by a reporter. Sad.
-So she’s going to get Pierce to take her to the reporter and she’s going to try to use her sex to get him to stop. Or she’s going to kill him.
-Tony just told Janice. “Uh, yeah, I know what it is, you stupid fool.” That was good.
-How long until the CDC give Jack Bauer some mad cow fixing juice?
And how long until he injects adrenaline into his heart, Tommy Lee Kickstart My Heart Style.
Say this in a ridiculous newscaster voice and you can understand what I just heard: “How 7 children got scabies!”
-John Voight hates when soldiers think for themselves.
-The reporter knows the best way into a lady’s heart is to blackmail her.
-Olivia is the worst ever. What a twit.
-Haha. The First Daughter is so ridiculous. She gave up all the secrets and now the sex, too? What exactly does she get out of it?
-She’s going to press the panic button and get Ken crushed?
-The doctor said this type of weapon is especially virulent. Has she met Jack Bauer?
-I’m going to give Jack Bauer a JBKC when he gets cured of the mad cow.
Some housekeeping:
It looks like someone from China is following along. Say hello, ok?
Also, wait a couple days and go check out the recap at The Bauer. They know what they’re doing.
-Adam, that swingkickchokehold is pretty sweet, but it works better when there’s 4 guys.
-I’m predicting an elevator fight in 3…2…1…
-Damn, wrong.
-OK, Tony, don’t be a hero.
-Doug Knowle’s dialogue is about 40 thousand times better than John Voight’s.
-Grandpa Voight can still fight.
-Starkwood has “radio intercepts”, but doesn’t have radio scanners. Beautiful.
-Excuse the yucky, but we now know that Olivia and the reporter are 18 minutes.
-I still think the reporter is in a stronger position. He bagged the President’s daughter AND COS.
-I wonder what’s going to happen considering that last year they had a town in California getting nuked.
-“Proprietary line?” What does that even mean?
-The planes aren’t going to get there before the rockets are launched?
-But the planes got there before the 30 seconds were up, what happened.
-And at the beginning of last week, they said it would take 2 hours to get the weapons ready. Over delivering every day!

Snoooze. Oh, I’m sorry, was I sleeping? Thanks for 2 boring episodes in a row, Jack Bauer and Co. Tony showed some chops, which was nice, but we really need Jack Bauer back in the game. How long until Renee Walker undermines Jack Bauer and collects Kim Bauer from whatever Skinimax she’s doing now? 2 episodes? 3? See you next week everyone!

24 Season 7 Episode 17 12 AM – 1 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 17 12 AM – 1 AM Live Blog

  1. Adam D. says:

    how many times will the gov’t “thank” jack then stab him in the back in less than an hour…

    p.s. the pres. daughter is ridiculous.


  2. Adam D. says:

    Tony “yeah–i know what that is!”…basically: i own you…and used these hi-tech gadgets when you were an undergrad!


  3. Adam D. says:

    The MJ Fox look-alike should take the tie off already…after midnight doesn’t need the “post-work” casual look…though he is the only one that actually looks somewhat tired in the whole show…


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