Free Office Space in Boston for Entrepreneurs

I don’t like to write about where I work, but BzzAgent” is doing something pretty cool and deserves props. We have some extra space and instead of subletting it, the powers that be thought they’d do something different, which might help some people out to boot. We’ve got 12 desks that are going to go to entrepreneurs and laid-off peeps that prefer to work in an office setting instead of Starbucks. I think Bzz thinks that you can never have enough smart, enthusiastic people in one place and that place may as well be our office. Essentially, you bring the energy, we’ll bring the coffee machine. I think about it like an incubator without the VCs, but I could be wrong. I don’t think there are any catches, which makes it even cooler in my mind.

It’s a neat office in a good location (the South End, which is neat in and of itself, even if the burrito place around the corner isn’t good anymore) and the people are great. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

Free Office Space in Boston for Entrepreneurs

0 thoughts on “Free Office Space in Boston for Entrepreneurs

  1. sai says:

    i am interested in learning more. can you put me in touch with someone that might be able to help further?

    thanks for this great post!



  2. Matt says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I’m sure this might be old news by now, but if this oppurtunity is still available, I’d like to open a dialogue about it. A design colleague and I are looking for space to work on some projects. We’ve got energy and creativity to spare.



  3. Hi Aaron,

    This is an excellent and much needed innovative idea!!!

    I hope 2 years later is not too late to see this, but a few volunteers and I are in much need of an office space for a small human rights organization. We have been working out of the cafes and apartments of fellow volunteers and we could use a space we call our own for all the work we do.

    We all have a great passion for our work and a space to do it in would be amazing.

    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.



  4. Qwamel Daniel says:


    I have come across this posting 3 years later being in search for an office space. Hopefully you are still offering spaces to be utilized. If so please let me know next steps and even if not keep me in mind for future openings. Either way can you let me know the outcome? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


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