24 Season 7 Episode 15 10 PM – 11 PM Live Blog

Episode 14 was kind of lame, wasn’t it? Jack Bauer only raised the JBKC by 1 to 32 and only other moment of note in the entire episode was Senator Meyer getting shot. Actually, that’s not true. Jack Bauer knocking the trailer over with a bulldozer was another notable moment. I’m hoping this is the week we introduce a vigilante militia, that’s really the only thing we haven’t seen on ’24’.

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10:00 PM
-This is going to be a tough conversation. “Do you have Jack Bauer in custody?” Uh, no, actually Jack Bauer killed the Senator. Eeeep.
-Is Ethan going to kill himself?
-Huzzah, the First Gentleman is OK! Yay!
-“Henry’s a lot tougher than anyone thought.” That’s a back-handed compliment for all time.
-I can’t believe that the President is the only one saying, “Why would Jack Bauer do this after everything he did today.” It doesn’t make any sense.
-Well, he’s going to resign. A letter on the desk in the morning? So much can happend between now and then.
-That’s a bummer, the security guard father of twins is the one working over time about to get shivved? Sad.
-Scratch that. Father of twins to be.
-Does anyone else think it’s distasteful for Dominoes to capitalize on the economic situation, especially since you still have to buy $15 worth of food.
-Do they have John Voight saying lines like “They’re six year olds and they need to eat their carrots.” and “Tell them to bring their pajamas and toothbrushes” because they couldn’t get Christopher Walken? Hard to tell.
-Whenever you ask someone if they’ve assassinated a Senator and they answer first with a question and then with an evasive answer, then yes, they had something to do with it.
-Tony is pissed that Jack Bauer promised, because Tony knows the security guard is dead already.
Haha, neither Tara, Jon, or I think Jack Bauer’s promise to the security guard is worth anything. What say you, other readers?
-Why did all those guys get out of their trucks waiting for the gate to open. If the security cameras WEREN’T shut off wouldn’t they all get caught?
-“He was dead the minute he stepped out that door. You and I both know that.”
-I promised Willie C. that I’d fit Bron Bron into the Live Blog if he commented. We’ll see what I can do.
-I don’t know why I’m so hung up on this, but I REALLY want a vigilante militia to meet Jack Bauer at the port.
-Why is Olivia such a bitch? Such a double crosser.
Why is the woman in the Citi commercial riding a bike with another guy talking about her husband?
I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this before, but the thing I hate most about TV shows is disrespectful writing. Disrespectful writing is when the writers mess around and do whatever they want. By making characters seem good and then bad and then good, you can’t really then make them bad. It’s disrespectful to your viewers and frankly it’s lazy. What do you think?
-Why don’t they just let us assume that Jack Bauer and Co eat and sleep and poop during the last 8 minutes of the hour instead saying it’s 10:39 when it’s 9:36.
-Wait, Larry Moss. Small mind. Doesn’t understand. All evidence points to Jack Bauer being innocent. Me no understand. How Jack Bauer kill Senator Meyer if all evidence say no?
-Hold on. Renee Walker is in federal custody and they let her keep her cell phone?
-My guess is that if Jack Bauer and Tony shot up a bunch of those guys, the rest would scatter.
-2 against 9 seems like some pretty good odds, doesn’t it? This is Tony and Jack Bauer.
-JBKC 32+1=33.
-Ben, good point about the ’24’ Daughter Corollary. I might have to do some research to expound on that more.
-JBKC 32+4=37.
-Let’s suss this out for a second. The bad guys send Cooper off to double cross the security guard WHO HAD A GUN and when Cooper winds up dead, they immediately assume they’re under attack and call for a code red instead of assuming that the security guard WHO HAD A GUN killed Cooper.
-Did you take the over on 4, Willie? I give Jack Bauer a JBKC (Jack Bauer Knockdown Count) whenever he knocks someone down at least because it’s too difficult to determine if he killed someone or not.
-“I’m in possession of biological weapon.” Jack Bauer said he interdicted it. Awesome.
-Ben, can you make a Lebron joke? I promised one to Willie.
-If you go hang out with a biological weapon, does holding your breath really help?
-And, helicopter shooting at biological weapon, good idea or bad? Discuss.
-“Damnit!” Love it!
-They should get the army if they want to raid Starkwood, right?

Holy crap! Jack Bauer shower scene next week, that should make the Bauer Puffs happy, huh? Also, an assault on Starkwood. Though, do they really have an army? Most of the dudes who weren’t involved with bioweapons would probably be like, “Uh, you don’t pay me enough to fight against guys who actually know how to shoot.” Jack Bauer got his JBKC up to 37 and he saved a security guard. All in all a good day by his standards. I still want the vigilante militia. A rogue para-military security company just doesn’t count!

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24 Season 7 Episode 15 10 PM – 11 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 15 10 PM – 11 PM Live Blog

  1. Tara says:

    why would anyone believe Jack Bauer would kill the Senator. Don’t they know it’s Jack Bauer! He saved the president, just to kill a senator? Come ON!


  2. maybe Jack shouldn’t have been so CAVALIER about stopping that truck and going in the back (does that count as a Bron joke?, it certainly counts as a cautionary tale against asking me to make jokes…)


  3. Willie C. says:

    I have to admit letting big baby score all those points was the low moment of the whole season. “Big Baby” come on now!!!


    1. aaron says:

      Big Baby is an Unlikely Words favorite. Incidentally, my wife calls every basketball player Big Baby. During the playoffs last year it was “Big Baby Powe!” and “I thought you said Big Baby Lebron was good?” And, “Why is Big Baby Garnett always yelling at everything?”


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