24 Season 7 Episode 14 9 PM – 10 PM Live Blog

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Last week (Season 7 Episode 13), Jack Bauer brought the carnage, raising the JBKC from 24 to 31, but something about this week tells me there weren’t be as much mayhem. The letter for today is M. Morris getting it from Moss and Meyers getting it from, well, Jack Bauer.

For the Live Blog last week, I did the updates in reverse chronological order. This was a huge pain and no one seemed to notice so I’m going back to the old way. If you have thoughts on this, let me know and I’ll probably switch back again.

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9:00 PM
-What is Janice in charge while Larry Moss is away?
-Does Garafolo have that star tattoo in real life?
-Oh! Here we go, Helicopter Larry taking another ride.
-Jack Bauer just got into the hospital surveillance and emailed a cropped photo from one of the images to Renee was driving? That’s pretty boss.
-“[Jack] Bauer is an excellent operator.” You can say that again.
-“If [Jack] Bauer connects us to Juma, it will seriously impede this operation.” ORLY? Won’t it end this operation?
-John Voight SUCKS. It’s like he did all of his lines in
-“Tell them to pack their pajamas and tooth brushes, it’s going to be a long night.” Did Mr. Rogers write Voight’s lines?
-Did Larry Moss say, “Renee talked to Bauer” because of what Janice said, or did he just ignore her question. I’m choosing to believe he ignored her.
From the commercials – “I’m working form the road today.” So is Jack Bauer.
-I just don’t have anything to snark about this…
-Larry Moss’ “Damnit” was NOWHERE near as good as Jack Bauer’s.
-Presumably, they showed Senator Red Foreman’s alarm going off because it will play a role… But I doubt it.
-Jack Bauer sounds tired. He’s getting old, huh?
-The writers of ’24’ blasting Blackwater/Starkwood now. I think this is the first occasion of the year where they confuse me by ripping something I would expect them to hold dear.
-I’m already tired of the First Daughter.
-Haha. The press is applauding. Can you imagine if they did that for real?
-The murder of Ryan Burnett wouldn’t have leaked yet… Oh, the First Daughter is doing some leaking. That’s dirty.
-Larry Moss did the leaking? Renee Walker? Or someone else we didn’t know…
-Renee encrypted something that Janice couldn’t open? WTF does Janice have going for her?
-Larry Moss doesn’t have the authority to grant immunity…
-‘Blowfish 148′, “No one here knows how to crack it.” AT THE FBI? There’s 2 people in the building who can crack it not working for the FBI… What a joke.
-This episode sucks.
-I hope Helicopter Larry takes a helicopter to Meyer’s house.
-“It is impossible to overestimate [Jack] Bauer.”
-Jack Bauer has a lot of regrets. Especially that the world needs people like him.
-“You just need to understand that where I work things get a lot messier than when you work on the Hill, Senator.”
-This is a stretchy stretchy stretchy stretch. Why didn’t they just make the connection a little stronger? I’ll tell you why. The writers don’t respect you as a viewer.
-“It’s time for you to start trusting the institutions you’ve sacrificed so much to protect.”
-“Trust isn’t my greatest asset.”
-Oh man! I did NOT see that coming. Yay!
-Why would an exclusive with the President kill the story? The source at the Marshalls’ office obviously wanted to get the story out for some reason… Won’t he just leak it to someone else?
-Quinn’s going to get jumped if he keeps following the blood trail.
-I think knocking over a trailer that someone is in is good for a JBKC, don’t you? 31+1=32.
-“Monitoring the FBI bandwidth.” What does that mean?
-I hope Jack Bauer uses the screwdriver he killed Quinn with to start the… Haha. Yup, there we go.

Looks like next week we get back to the action basics. At least I hope so. Today’s episode was garbage until Meyer got shot and we all should have been able to predict that, don’t you think? JBKCs go up to 31, right on track for… Well, right on track. I don’t know if this is what happens, but what if there was a militia of vigilantes that gets involved next week and helps Jack Bauer and Sepia Tony. Sort of like the Minute Men guarding the Mexican border, but these guys guard the ports. That would be truly Wingnutastic so I hope we get it. See you next week.

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24 Season 7 Episode 14 9 PM – 10 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 14 9 PM – 10 PM Live Blog

  1. Adam D. says:

    Even Peter Jennings loosened up on 9/11 late night after hours of reporting…its 9:30 at night after hours of working…maybe just the top button…

    * Note: senator chillin’ out!


  2. Adam D. says:

    The senator wanting Bauer to turn himself in is bunk…the dude saved his ass an hour ago in the white house hostage situation…you think he’d give him a “pass”


  3. Adam D. says:

    it was a bit slow…but, shucks ya’ll…killing that dude and using the same implement to start a truck is classic Bauer…


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