24 Season 7 Episode 13 8 PM – 9 PM Live Blog

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This week we’ll get to see the White House explosion that they prematurely previewed 2 weeks ago and Jack Bauer’s JBKC is at 24. I’m expecting that will rise significantly this week. Also predicting a death for Bill Buchanan, and maybe Senator Meyers and Aaron Pierce as well. We might find out what’s in the special Juma shipment, but we all know it’s probably something to do with bio-weapons. Finally, I hope this episode is better than the 2nd hour of last week. There were way too many holes there.

Also, I’m going to try something new today and update from the top down. The reason I haven’t been doing that is because it stinks for reading the next day, but I can just transpose that back after the show. Let me know how you feel about that.

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8:00 PM
-Really? The news gets these stories so quickly? My guess is if there’s a hostage situation at the White House, you don’t know about it until an hour after it’s over.
-“You were right to fire me off the campaign.” Hello? I wonder what that’s about.
-Haha. That Senator is such a ninny. What a joke.
-The General’s English isn’t so good. He thought “release” meant “kill” and he thought “good faith” meant “bad faith”.
-They have no way to shut down the feed? That’s dumb. Shut off all of the power all over everywhere.
-Where did Ethan go? Was he tipped off?
-Holy crap, we knew Bill Buchanan was going to get it, but it was still a shock, wasn’t it?
-Jack Bauer got 6 that time. So that puts the JBKC 24+6=30. 30 JBKCs in 13 episodes. I told you tonight was going to be bloody.
-Still sad about Bill Buchanan getting killed.
-Wait, Smashing Pumpkins do commercials? Oh Billy Corgan, remember when you said you’d never?
-They never explained where the Marines on the roof were. They could have brought the ruckus.
-I could do without the mother/daughter scenes.
-“He died protecting his country.” I wonder if Jack Bauer is going to do any, “Make sure Bill Buchanan didn’t die for nothing.” Also, where is Sepia Tony?
-Wow, I thought it would take a little bit longer than that.
-Standing orders to take Jack Bauer into custody?
-Why does she need to go through Ethan?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez is playing Tom Chapman, but I don’t know who Chapman is yet.
-I sort of feel like Ethan is a traitor and he’s going to kill Burnett and blame it on Jack Bauer and Moss.
-The President is so motherly. She loves Patrick like a son. And frankly, this is off topic, but I still can’t believe that young Sarah Paulsen dates old Cherry Jones.
-In reality, the President that survives a terrorist attack on the White House gets a free political pass for several weeks. Bring back the daughter!
-Where is Sepia Tony? Want!!!
-Maybe if we stayed out of his way none of this would have ever happened? Orly?
-“I’ve known this woman for nine years and I’ve never seen her do the stuff she’s done in the last nine hours.” Orly?
-How many helicopter rides does one man need to take in 24 hours before he gets a nickname like Helicopter Larry? You know, like Helicopter Ben?
-“Oh, Quinn’s good. [Jack] Bauer’s good, too.”
-John Voigt is mailing it in so excellently in this season.
-Is the assassin trying to decide who to kill by asking about family?
-I mean… they JUST did the “person sneaking into the hospital trick to kill the bad guy trick.” They can’t think of something new?
-Wow, Aaron Pierce no shirt, huh? He’s got a firery chest.
-Hahaha. Ethan was trying to sweet Olivia and she snake tounges him. That was amazing.
-The fact that Larry Moss isn’t going into the room with him means Jack Bauer is going to get blamed for something wicked bad.
-Here we go. Why don’t they go into the room right now?
-This is frustrating.
-Jack Bauer is out of there.
-That was about as predictable as it gets.
-JBKC 30+1=31
-I’m thinking Larry is going to listen to Jack Bauer now because he’s got no choice.
-Did you guys notice that the “Imagine Entertainment” thing always skips a beat right before they show scenes from next week?

The scenes from next week make next week look weak. I mean, how much do we care about Larry Moss putting the screws to Morris so he can save Chloe from jail? That doesn’t seem to exciting. I love Jack Bauer going to Senator Meyers’ house, though. That should be interesting.

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24 Season 7 Episode 13 8 PM – 9 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 13 8 PM – 9 PM Live Blog

    1. ac says:

      Jon, no, Nic Cage is done unless they’re doing Raising Arizona 2 and yes, this is the most understaffed hospital in the world.


    1. ac says:

      Nah, that was just a little knockout punch. Jack Bauer doesn’t kill anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Not on purpose anyway. He gets a JBKC anyway, though, because he knocked him out.


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