The Wire as Allegory for the Economy – The Snot Boogie Rules

John Cole knocks it out of the park today connecting the first scene of the first season of The Wire to the truly maddening situation of people responsible for this mess capitalizing on said mess. Seriously, check out the whole post.

Suspect: I’m sayin’, every Friday night in an alley behind the Cut Rate, we rollin’ bones, you know? I mean all them boys, we roll til late.
McNulty: Alley crap game, right?
Suspect: Like every time, Snot, he’d fade a few shooters, play it out til the pot’s deep. Snatch and run.
McNulty: What, every time?
Suspect: Couldn’t help hisself.
McNulty: Let me understand. Every Friday night, you and your boys are shootin’ craps, right? And every Friday night, your pal Snot Boogie… he’d wait til there’s cash on the ground and he’d grab it and run away? You let him do that?
Suspect: We’d catch him and beat his ass but ain’t nobody ever go past that.
McNulty: I’ve gotta ask you: if every time Snot Boogie would grab the money and run away… why’d you even let him in the game?
Suspect: What?
McNulty: Well, if every time, Snot Boogie stole the money, why’d you let him play?
Suspect: Got to. It’s America, man.

Also from Balloon Juice, Gail Collins has more:

I am having a tough time dealing with news that the former president of Countrywide Financial, the mortgage company that did so much to dig the hole in which we all now reside, is making a killing buying up delinquent mortgage loans from the government at bargain basement rates.

The Wire as Allegory for the Economy – The Snot Boogie Rules

0 thoughts on “The Wire as Allegory for the Economy – The Snot Boogie Rules

  1. Arclite says:

    The Wire is one of the best TV serials ever made. And relating that scene to the current crisis is pure genius. There’s lots in that show that mirrors reality. For almost any given issue you could pluck an appropriate scene from that show.


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