24 Season 7 Episode 11 6 PM – 7 PM and Episode 12 7 PM – 8 PM Live Blog

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Last week’s episode was definitely the best of the year and possibly the best in several seasons. If tonight’s episodes are as good (which I doubt), I’ll be fried by the end of the night. I think the use of the ’24’ special event is a good idea to give a jump to the new plot line. Not to mention I just had my wisdom teeth out, so you’ll have to bear with me.

Where were we? Jack Bauer upped his JBKC by 1 to 22. In fact, he only had one JBKC in the last 2 weeks. Something tells me that’s going to change tonight. We know from last week’s previews that there are explosions at the White House this week, does that mean trouble for Bill Buchanan? Remember how they brought Tony back last week, all sepia like? I was a huge fan of Sepia Tony and I hope they use that lighting some more….

We’ll be live after the jump at 9:00 EST.

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6:00 PM
-Was that the most obvious Dubaku assassination ever? Also, does this guy stay on the job as a janitor?
-Have they really failed if they don’t catch General Juma?
-It should make him easier to capture if he’s in DC, no?
-How much does it hurt the Government’s case if Dubaku was killed?
-Interesting that Dubaku has a young son involved in the atack. I wonder if Marika knew about that.
-“Jack, you don’t expect to interrogate a suspect inside the White House?” “Let me handle that – she’s in.”
-Haha. Janice was all, “Let me help,” and Chloe was all, “Good idea.” Then she rolled her eyes so far up her head they broke.
-“I’m driving off a cliff here, Tony.”
-“You’re a wanted felon.” And Jack Bauer isn’t?
-“If it ain’t from Kentucky, you can’t call it bourbon.” Thanks, Ethan, you boob.
-“I have been after this son of a bitch for YEARS. He’s a thug, Ethan, exhibit A.”
-Let’s discuss how politically impossible it would be for Senator Meyer to pick a fight with the President who somewhat successfully deflected a terrorist attack. It just wouldn’t happen.
-Jack Bauer Sleeper Hold. That’s a JBKC for him. #23!
-Apparently tomorrow is Chiwow-wow Tuesday because Beverly Hills Chihuahua comes out. How about that?
-Renee Walker is a little sensitive on the issue of who is in charge, eh?
-I just realized Janice Gold is wearing a purple shirt and matching purple tights.
-I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s not possible for a rebel force to make an attack on the White House.
-Love how Jack Bauer found a suit/tie. Or actually found HIS suit and tie from this morning.
-JBKC #24, just a little Tazer for you.
-Chloe’s arrest won’t last long. That’s for sure.
-Jack Bauer knows when you’re telling the truth and he knows when you’re talking shit to get out of being tortured.
-“Mr. Bauer, I am ordering you to answer this page.”
-I’m not going to give Jack Bauer a JBKC for tazering the phone. I’m just not.
-“EMT’s to the Visiting Dignitary suite.”
-What’s going to happen when Senator Meyer comes up against Juma’s men?
-“And you sir are weak. Unwilling and unable to look evil in the eye and deal with it.”
-Now Ethan is a torture apologist?
-That was hilarious when Jack Bauer tazered the phone.
-Senator Meyer would have to resign if his COS was on that list, right? There’s no way he survives that politically.
-This FBI Agent, Tim, was on Band of Brothers…
-Is the President going to torture the COS?
-Also, how is it that pardoning this scumbag wouldn’t be politically toxic but pardoning Jack Bauer is? I wonder what the liberal blogs would say about that.
-Haha. They’re going to mount the attack by boat. That makes sense.
-Uh oh. Renee Walker chased the lead to an…import/export firm. Awesome.
-A visual identification of General Juma in DC would shut the city down. No doubt about that.
-Renee, you have GOT to hold on to your gun, darling.
-That was a pretty sweet Comcast commercial, huh? Indie.
-Will Bill Buchanan torture Jack Bauer in order to get this done? Or will Bill Buchanan torture Burnett? So many questions.
-General Juma is still going over plans? Have they been drilling this shit or not?
-Really? Scuba diving? That’s the plan?
-Hey now, Agent Walker, no time to dry off, huh?
-I didn’t know there was a jail at the White House.
-I don’t think Renee could swim faster than a boat, but I do think she could beat up Dubaku.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We definitely don’t scenes from last hour right now, we were all watching!
-It’s a good thing Aaron the Secret Service guy is on the job.
-5 administrations for Aaron. He knows what Jack Bauer can do.
-Ooooh, I wonder what the President’s daughter has against Ethan. Probably what I do. That he’s a limp noodle.
-Now the President knows General Juma is in DC. That gets the military involved…
-Agent Walker should have grabbed 1) the car, 2) the gun, 3) the radio… She’s a terrible Agent.
-“I’m not trained in coercive techniques.” Jack Bauer’s not going to send a non-torturer in to torture a terrorist. It wouldn’t do any good.
-Cold blooded! “I was looking forward to Sheila’s cooking.” Yeah, looking forward to it so much you stabbed Sheila’s husband in the back with a screwdriver.
-“I’ve accessed the Secret Service tracking grid.” Uh, yeah, right.
-It doesn’t seem too difficult to sneak into the White House.
-You kill 4 people in the White House…5 people…7 people in the White House. Someone is going to notice. I’m serious. Someone’s going to notice.
-Little Dubaku probably should have shot first. Oh well. Too bad he’s just a little boy.
-Moss is going to shoot him in 3…2… Yup. There is is. Too easy.
-“I’ll initiate a lock down…”
-So Juma and his men were smart enough to figure out how to get into the White House but not smart enough to steal a communications device. I don’t believe it.
-I predicted last week that Bill Buchanan was going to get it. NOW they need hostages? This show is terrible.
-Juma cut off the communication? Now he’s thinking about communications? Uh, right.
-Now Juma is TALKING on the Secret Service com? Why wasn’t he listening that entire time?
-Inexplicably, Aaron Pierce’s com is only connected to Jack Bauer? This makes no sense.
-Where is Sepia Tony during all this?
-How many times do we have to learn this season that panic rooms NEED appropriate communications devices. To say NOTHING of the fact that THISISTHEPRESIDENT’SPANICROOM.
-One of these guys should recognize Senator Meyer.
-That would be the pimpest panicroom in the world. I bet it has ESPN AND HBO.
-Haha. Look it’s John Voight!
-Did we ever figure out who he was last year?
-Holy crap is this a 3rd plot line?
-John Voight knows that the President’s daughter is in the White House, but doesn’t realize Jack Bauer is in the White House?
-“Stress. Stress! is the fertilizer of creativity.”
-Senator Meyer is definitely a Republican. Only a Republican could be in a hostage situation and blame someone else for not doing what they had wanted to do in the first place. Laughable.
-There are Marines on the roof at the White House. So… Where are they?
-Look at Renee Walker just nodding along with Larry Moss.
-“My priority must be the President’s life.” The VP doesn’t have a conflict of interest?
-Haha. The VP’s Chief of Staff is a tool, and the VP knows it. Awesome.
-Aaron Pierce didn’t shoot at the bad guys? Did he fall asleep or something?
-I think they just said, “Stay tuned for scenes from an all new ’24’, but aren’t there 10 minutes left?
-Oh, look. It’s the Comcast commercial. First time, I liked it. 2nd time, I’m pissed how bad they ripped off the band that plays the song on the iPod commercial…
-Climate change!? Jack Bauer is against Climate Change AND Malaria.
-At this point, I bet General Juma could sneak out the same storm drain and no one would ever know.
-This terrorist organization is remarkable in the things they know (how to sneak into the White House and how to unlock the panic room and how to jam communications in the panic room) and how much they don’t know (cameras in the hallway and how to steal a Secret Service Agent’s radio).
-“No, ma’am, but I am not the President of the United States.” Imagine if Jack Bauer was the President.
-If I’m a terrorist, I shoot Jack Bauer when he comes out of the panic room.
-That was shocking when General Juma slapped the president. So shocking that even though my wife isn’t watching she said, “Did someone just slap the President.”

Kind of lame that the previews from last week were the same as a lot of the previews for next week. You can’t say “Next week on 24”, show an explosion, and then have that explosion be for the week after. I’m a little bullshit about this episode there were WAY too many holes that were just sloppy and unnecessary. What’s up with that? Ben predicts the shipment is bio-warfare device. I’d agree to something along those lines.

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24 Season 7 Episode 11 6 PM – 7 PM and Episode 12 7 PM – 8 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 11 6 PM – 7 PM and Episode 12 7 PM – 8 PM Live Blog

  1. wmd says:

    great job! on keeping track, on one note I am not sure if Sen. Meyer is republican should he be on Jack side? wonder if republican will be the first that actually shut down the Guantanamo bay. News flash anyone? or get the fact check.


  2. Darrin says:

    Well I am sure he is not a Rep. Anyone who pays a little attention to politics could tell immediately the intention of fox to portray Sen Meyer as a liberal Dem.


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