The Truth About the 25 Greatest Rickey Henderson Stories

Recently, Rickey Henderson was on ESPN radio. As part of the show, the announcers had a list of The 25 Best Rickey Henderson Stories Of All Time and asked him to true or false some of them. As I mentioned in my Appreciation of Rickey Henderson – Stories, Thoughts, and Links post from a couple months ago, that list is plagiarized from this 2003 Sports Illustrated article (which is why I didn’t link to it originally.

The 6 anecdotes clarified by Rickey below the jump…

“3) In the early 1980s, the Oakland A’s accounting department was freaking out. The books were off $1 million. After an investigation, it was determined Rickey was the reason why. The GM asked him about a $1 million bonus he had received and Rickey said instead of cashing it, he framed it and hung it on a wall at his house. TRUE

5) This one might be my second favorite. This wasn’t too long ago, I think it was the year he ended up playing with the Red Sox. Anyway, he called San Diego GM Kevin Towers and left the following message: “This is Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey. Rickey wants to play baseball.” FALSE

7) Rickey once asked a teammate how long it would take him to drive to the Dominican Republic. FALSE

9) Henderson once fell asleep on an ice pack and got frostbite – which forced him to miss three games — in mid-August. TRUE

13) San Diego GM Kevin Towers was trying to contact Rickey at a nearby hotel. He knew Henderson always used fake names to avoid the press, fans, etc. He was trying to think like Rickey and after several attempts; he was able to get Henderson on the phone.

Rickey had checked in under Richard Pryor. TRUE (Also James Brown, Luther Vandross

14) I didn’t believe this one at first. However, I emailed a few contacts within the Sox organization and they claim it actually happened. This is priceless, it really is.

The morning after the Sox finished off their 2004 World Series sweep against St. Louis, Henderson called someone in the organization looking for tickets to Game 6 at Fenway Park. FALSE”

The Truth About the 25 Greatest Rickey Henderson Stories

0 thoughts on “The Truth About the 25 Greatest Rickey Henderson Stories

  1. kathy robinson says:

    Hello Rickey…I reached you at Baltimore Reninsance hotel as Rickey Henderson..but you had to go busy as usual…but I loved it …You are the Greatest baseball player and made the game fun…..for the fans accept when you gave the baseball to the Oriole fan and I was the only A’s fan there..all the crowd at Camden Yards maye its firs year 1992… or whenever they could not believe you did that they were all rooting for me…but they did not know I follow you when ever I can…My husband took me on our honeymoon well we drove form Wash Boston when you played for the Red Sox…we got Married Aug 2, 2002…know each other since 1979…Howard University…but Divorced 2007 Because I live in SF and he in DC…but we still call each other Husband and wife….You are so Funny these 25 comments had me laughing so much….thank you for the memories see you in Arizona..please give me and my cousin Bonzetta autographs because i lost alot of mine in Baltimore….riding my bike there too…they fell off the back….the lady with braids and 20 plus years ..going Rickeyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…smile


  2. kathy robinson says:

    Rickey is Rickey he is the Best in the
    East and the West and is always funny ..a good sport….so go A’s and go Oakland Raiders…See you at spring training in Arizona…im going to the Rangers vs Giants…and glendale for the white sox Stefan Gartrell is family trying to go pro……


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