24 Season 7 Episode 10 5 PM – 6 PM Live Blog

Interestingly, I don’t think Jack Bauer killed or even knocked anyone down last week, is that possible? Last week we were treated to cameos by Aaron and Morris, WHICH WAS AWESOME! We also found out that Billy Walsh is at least one of the moles. We should be seeing Renee Walker fall in love with Jack Bauer, as if that wasn’t telegraphed in the first episode. How will Larry Moss respond?

Season 7 Episode 9
Season 7 Episode 11 and 12
Everything you wanted to know about what Unlikely Words thinks about 24, but were afraid to ask.

-Ha! I knew there was another mole. Erika is such a soft target. Billy Walsh is going to get her so killed.
-Jerry’s Grid makes my head explode. http://is.gd/kBHS
-Dubaku has a soft spot for the lady. That’s a lot of manipulated women this year, isn’t it?
-Enemy of the State came out like 10 years ago, we can’t use satellite imaging to track Dubaku and Marika?
-Jack Bauer thinks the best way to subtely track Dubaku is to drive across a park? That seems stupid. Also, can’t we get some coppers on the case? Also, how did Dubaku’s driver know that the crazy car driving across the park was “FBI”?
-Also! That’s a CAR ACCIDENT!
-JBKC +1. You don’t pull a gun on Jack Bauer, you just don’t.
-Marika is going to die.
-You turn your back on Dubaku for that long, he’s going to disappear.
-Wait, he’s still lying on the ground. What the.
-THIS IS A LOT OF ACTION. I don’t know if I can keep this pace up.
-I’m not going to tolerate the President hanging out in the waiting room at the hospital for the entire 5 hours of the surgery. I’m really not.
-Is the President going to torture Dubaku at the hospital?
-Now we’re recycling plot lines. Giving adrenaline to someone super messed up so you can torture them some more.
-Is there a disk inside Dubaku that just got fried by the paddles? That would be crazy.
-They’re going to have to wash the blood off before they try to put that SD card into a camera. Drive in 5 minutes… So 5:27.
-I LOVE the way Billy Walsh talks to Erika. She’s setting back women’s lib by 15 years. 24 HATES women. Ever since Kim Bauer, women have been trash on 24. Kind of sickening.
-Here comes the big slap scene. I’ve been looking forward to it all week.
-I jumped the gun.
-“It’s only got one download.” That’s the biggest load of horseshit I’ve ever seen.
-Billy Walsh is now going to be Vinny Delpino’s best friend, isn’t he?
-“Just think it through, Erika.” “How could I be so stupid?” Billy Walsh is condescending, but Erika asks for it.
-How can she be SO happy about being a terrorist?
-Can’t you just unplug the mainframes?
-And there goes Erika. We knew that was coming.
-The easiest way to die in 24 is to have “ika” as the last 3 letters of your name.
-Larry Moss really can’t fall for this bullshit, but he’s going to anyway. This is disappointing me.
-Jorge’s Mom, I hope you’re right. But I bet Chloe is out there right now. Billy Walsh is totally a D-Bag.
-“I was running a mirror file on an outside server. I always do that when I’m dealing with sensitive data.”
-Can Chloe PLEASE make 50 copies of this file and put it all up on the internet.
-Janice Garafolo is terrible.
-Billy Walsh is going to be stopped at the gate.
-Or before.
-Saw that one coming.
-Marika’s sister, Rosa, sucks, too. God. The women on this show make me feel like a misogynist.
-So is the show over now? They have the list of everyone working with Dubaku in the government.
-It would be awesome if the next 12 hours were Jack Bauer flying to Sengala and then assassinating Juma in the last 10 minutes. THAT IS GROUNDBREAKING TV.
-Show isn’t over before Renee slaps Jack Bauer.
-2 slaps.
-“That stunt you pulled by the car? You ever pull your gun on me again, you better intend to use it.” “I did.” Oh, damn.
-Watchmen looks great. It really does.
-From the comments, “boy meets girl, boy shoots girl in neck and buries her alive, boy loses girl… but not because of that part”. Nice.
-“I want to know who shot my father.” Uh, what will you do? White at them? Jericho at them?
-Sorry for the interruption. Something’s wrong with WordPress.
-“Jack Bauer helped save this country.” For at least the 7th time, right? I mean, right?
-It’s true, he deserves a pardon at least, right?
-Yes, it’s TONYTIME. Sepia Tonytime. I’m glad he’s back.
-So we’ve got another attack about to happen at the end of next episode. It’s clearly an attack on the White House, which is why the Chief of Staff is really not interested in going with Senator Red Meyer.
-Sepia Tony was kind of awesome, don’t you think?

That was one hell of an episode. Jack Bauer only shot one person, bringing his JBKC up to 22, that’s an average of 2.2 people knocked down per hour of the day. All of this with what might be a broken rib, right? Next week’s 2 hour event might give me a heart attack. Explosions at the White House? Is Bill Buchanan going to die? What will happen to Jack Bauer and Renee Walker? Larry Moss went up a little bit in my book, and again, ’24’ is using women as simpletons.
Also, Sepia Tony was the best. See you next week.

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24 Season 7 Episode 10 5 PM – 6 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 10 5 PM – 6 PM Live Blog

  1. tara says:

    things for next plot line…
    find the traitors…
    what’s up with the first daughter? who killed the first son?
    what to do with Duboku?
    How to help Rose?


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