24 Season 7 Episode 9 4 PM – 5 PM Live Blog

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We’ve come to the 4 PM – 5 PM of season 7. This week we’re going to find out who the traitor is. Presumably, we’ll also find out why Jack Bauer and Agent Walker are still hot and heavy to go after Dubaku, even though he doesn’t seem like a threat. Anyone have any predictions for tonight’s show?

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-Jack Bauer’s not very good at CPR, is he? He was just touching the First Gentleman’s chest.
-Jack Bauer has the President’s office, I wonder if he ever drunk dials.
-Bill Buchanan is going to be the President’s Secret Service? Why not?
-Also, if you want your head to be exploded, check out Jerry’s Twitter Grid. http://is.gd/jLqp
-From the comments, Bill Buchanan is the calmest person ever. Didn’t he ever do any, “Damn it, Jacks [Bauer]”?
-“Something has come up, I have to leave the country.” Does the terrorist really want to bring someone with him?
-Dubaku’s home base is Belize?
-I don’t know that Renee Walker is going to be able to keep going out with Larry.
-How did Jack Bauer “cross reference some information from these PDA’s” and find “banking transactions all leading back to the same address”? Why not just say he looked at the recent calls or something? What kind of terrorist uses PDAs?
-One more time, MORRRRRRIIIIIISSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-So are we now going to get the long awaited Janice/Chloe catfight? The internet is atwitter.
-“Jack Bauer is the most trustworthy honorable man I know. And he’s my friend.” What’s Larry Moss’ game.
-Also, how does Erica know Chloe?
-I don’t know why, but I’m imagining Chloe and Janice fighting “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” style.
-If there’s ever been a way for the older sister to prove her point to her younger sister, getting Jack Bauer to crash down the door is one way to do it.
-The President and her family has her own doctor. Who is this Dr Schulman?! Why aren’t they at the Navy hospital?
-5 hours of surgery… That puts us into what, 10 PM?
-Doesn’t Renee Walker have anything better to do than to give the girlfriend a slideshow? Really, Jack Bauer hasn’t stuck a ball point pen into her thigh yet?
-It’s weird that we’re not going to find out if the First Gentleman lives until the end of March.
-Jono, Tony is “tracking down some leads on his own.”
-Jack Bauer just talked someone ELSE out of torturing peeps. That’s incongruous.
-It’s not like there are that many airports they could be going. Why not just alert some peeps?
-Chloe and Janice are doing some system overriding battles.
-AARONNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Obviously.
-So whose next? Chase?
-I don’t like Janice, but it was pretty cool when she called Billy Walsh a little bitch.
-Renee was going to tell her how to get out of it and Jack Bauer is like “No, no, I don’t want her to do that.”
-So why do they need to get Dubaku so bad? To track down the government mole? We all think it’s Janice now, right?
-Are “24”s spies the only ones that still use PDA’s instead of smartphones?
-Isn’t Janice going to take out the…
-Oh, she just did it. F.
-That was predictable.
-Why is half a mile too close to follow? In the city? Also, where’s the traffic.
-Ladies and gentlemen, Janice the mole.
-Good to know that suspects in custody can be released when someone calls and says they’re the guy in charge of the FBI office.
-Ladies and gentleman, Billy Walsh the mole! Holy crap!
-Can’t say I’m surprised. Though I am. Though I’m not. Though I am.

OK then. First off, the most important thing that happened this week was the reappearance by Aaron and Morris. A distant 2nd most important is that we now know that Billy Walsh is the FBI mole. We still don’t know who the White House mole is, though. And that shifty guy who was helping Dubaku reminds me of Vinnie Delpino from Doogie Howser. Next week’s episode features Renee Walker falling harder in love with Jack Bauer, though I bet at the end she stays with Larry Moss. What do you think happens next week?

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24 Season 7 Episode 9 4 PM – 5 PM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 7 Episode 9 4 PM – 5 PM Live Blog

  1. pjaykc says:

    Next week, much of the old gang will be back–at least, we’ll know SOME people we can trust! Maybe Dubaki will get really mad about being betrayed and threaten something really bad. Renee slaps Jack. Jack gets out of the FBI trap and an SUV goes tumbling. Larry’s probably going to pout. TheFirst Gentleman is out of the picture for several weeks–uh, hours. That’s as good as I can guess, especially since I was wrong TWICE this week!


  2. Farnoosh says:

    I liked the phone conversation with Larry and Bauer referring to Marika: “Is she his handler”….”uhh, it’s more complicated”. What is so complicated? It’s his clueless girlfriend!


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