Live Thorns of Life Music Download

This Thorns of Life live at 924 Gilman Street recording isn’t anything to sneeze at, but if you’re dying to hear what Blake Schwarzenbach’s new band sounds like, these MP3s do the trick. Sounds good to me and I can’t wait to hear more. 3 interviews with Blake: here, here, and here. (Thanks again, Seth!)

Edited to add another bonus. 4 tracks from Thorns of Life show at Bar Pink. Again, iffy quality, better than nothing.

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Live Thorns of Life Music Download

8 thoughts on “Live Thorns of Life Music Download

  1. I made this recording for the band to use as a demo, and don’t know if it’s something they want the world having easy access too.
    I’m personally stoked as fuck on the recording, have been listening non-stop, and the excited music fan in me wants as many people to enjoy it as possible.
    But out of respect for the band, I didn’t just post a link to it on my blog, and am surprised at the mainstream-ish websites that are linking to this one. Will this blog start hosting free mp3 rips of commercially released albums too?
    I’m guessing not, but what’s the difference? One has a debatable economic affect (someone might not buy a record if they can easily download it for free), while the other deals with an artist’s control over their work (deciding what gets shared, preventing potentially unfinished or inferior works from being wide-spread)?

    It’s the internet so I guess you don’t need permission for this sort of thing anymore, and its true that others have posted to some other live recordings (that didn’t turn out as good as this one), but just curious what you think about all that.

    I’m not pissed or anything, and not any authority figure or connected to the band, for all I know they are happy about it, just finding the situation interesting. Personally, I’m glad the recordings are being enjoyed and just hope the band isn’t upset about it, but I think it should have been up to them to decide if these would get shared or not.


    1. ac says:

      While this is the internet and I don’t need permission for this type of thing, pissing off Thorns of Life wasn’t my intention. The recording had leaked before I got to it, and would have gotten attention with or without me. That said, if someone from Thorns of Life wants me to remove the link, I’ll do it in a second.

      I don’t think there’s anyone out there that, because of this recording, is not going to pay for a TOL album when it comes out. There’s a billion videos on Youtube from their CA swing and they don’t sound nearly as good as this one, which is why everyone is so excited for it.

      On the question of whether we’ll start hosting leaked commercial MP3s, we won’t, but that’s not very relevant here unless TOL was planning on releasing this recording as an album. I think the difference in this situation is that this is a recording from a show and not a demo recorded in a studio with only the band present.

      Thorns of Life is fascinating to me, on an obvious musical level, but also because the public appetite for the band is significantly higher than what the band seems currently willing to give. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I’m wondering how the band’s desire to play tiny, tiny shows is going to reconcile with the fact that thousands of people want to see them. The CA shows are different than the Brooklyn shows because they were publicized, but I can’t really see a tour in the future, and that sucks. Wondering your thoughts on this.

      Trying to condense my longwinded thoughts in an answer to your question “Is it ok to publicly share live recordings without permission, but not to commercially released albums?” Frankly, every band is going to differ on this. Depends on if the band allows recording at performances, but even then, they’re called bootlegs for a reason, right? (Nice attempt at condensing, huh?)

      I was a tour manager of a band for 6 years. We were broke as shit all the time, but loved anyone who bothered to share our music. We never made it past living a dream for a while, but if we had, our thoughts on music sharing wouldn’t have changed.


  2. […] From Punknews: The Unlikely Words blog has posted a link to a few different songs from Thorns of Life recorded during their set at 924 Gilman St. The band is features the influential Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil frontman on Blake Schwarzenbach on guitar, Aaron Elliott of the Cometbus zine, Crimpshrine and Pinhead Gunpowder on drums and actress / musician Daniela Sea on bass. Sea performed in Berkeley punk rock acts the Gr’ups and Cypher In The Snow and most recently appeared on Showtime series The L Word. Check out the recordings here. […]


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