24 Season 7 Episode 8 3 PM – 4 PM Live Blog

As I predicted last week, I think Episode 9 will be the beginning of a new plot line, a new threat, perhaps a new super bad guy. This has been the pattern the last couple years – to change the plot lines up a couple times a ‘day’. I think the First Gentleman gets rescued today. You have any predictions?

Here’s everything we’ve ever written about 24.

-(2 minutes to go and President Obama is still talking. They better not join the regularly scheduled programming in progress.)
-Oh goodie, Shepard Smith, my favorite!!
-Here we go.
-Were people watching the President’s speech at a news stand? When was the last time that happened?
-“Does your wife love you enough to call of the invasion of MY country?” Isn’t that what President’s live for? The opportunity to martyr their husbands?
-“She’s with Mr. Buchannon’s people”. Which people are that? Chloe O’Brien?
-And now Motobo is going to meet with his people? Who are his people? Where are all these “people”? Where were they before.
-Does anyone know how many presidents Jack Bauer has met? 3?
-Criminal masterminds and rebel leaders are just not allowed to call the President. They’re just not. This is too much of a suspension of disbelief.
-Also, there’s no chance that the President bows to this pressure. Jack Bauer should have hung up on Dubaku.
-So it seems likely that Ethan is probably bad, right? How can he keep going back to having them pull out? That’s not even politically astute.
-“You can trust me.” “Officially, we don’t exist.” “With all due respect, Madame President, ask around.”
-“What can you do on such short notice?”
-“Madam President, you don’t HAVE another choice.”
-That was fucking excellent. Thank you.
-“I’m alive, but you can’t let anyone know.” “The Bureau is compromised.”
-It sounds silly when they say “First Gentleman”.
I’ve got to say that that scene swung wildly from horrid to awesome. I’m almost ashamed how much I just enjoyed that.
-Does anyone like Janice Gold?
-Oh Jack Bauer get off your high horse.
-Here’s a poll I put up. http://twtpoll.com/nl9v97 Who do you think is the mole? Renee, Larry, Billy Walsh, Ethan? Vote and let me know.
-Is Renee going to lose her nerve? I’m not sure she has what it takes.
-“You’re going to kill you for trying to comfort my baby?” Well, not Renee, but maybe Jack Bauer.
-That’s 2 car accidents for Jack Bauer and we’ll give him another JBKC. 15+1 = 16
-You call what just happened a Car Jack (Bauer).
-I don’t think Renee Walker did anything to the baby. Wasn’t she just leaning over him?
-I also don’t think Renee Walker can handle the truth. Jack Bauer is going to need to give her a stern talking to.
-Billy Walsh REALLY wants to know what’s going on. Is he the mole? http://twtpoll.com/nl9v97
-That’s right, PJKayc, reverse psychology works for Jack Bauer every time!
-Well now we know how Dubaku escapes capture, but what will he do next week without a crew?
-“Too obvious to be the mole” sounds like every character on ’24’ every season, and half of them always turn out to be baddies!
-Some secret service guys are about to get killed. Oh no.
-Really? An RPG? They couldn’t have figured out a better way to do that?
-That’s another JBKC, 16+1=17.
-I think Jack Bauer got 4 there, so 17+4=21. What did you see?
-You knew that the First Gentleman was going to get shot as soon as they showed him, right?

Well, what do you think? My bet is the First Gentleman is going to make it, but only because there’s not really any reason for him to die now. Though once in a while they do the bittersweet things where people die for no reason, so he’s got that going against him. Not sure why they’re still going to be going after Dubaku next week since there really isn’t any threat that’s been identified. But at least next week we’ll find out who the traitor is.

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24 Season 7 Episode 8 3 PM – 4 PM Live Blog

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