Sheriff Bartlett the Starver!

A couple weeks ago, the New York Times had an article about an Alabama Sheriff who, underfed inmates in his charge and pocketed the difference.

And that is just what the sheriff, Greg Bartlett, did, to the tune of $212,000 over the last three years, despite a state food allowance of only $1.75 per prisoner per day.

Interestingly, an Alabama law allows lawmen to keep the money left over after feeding the prisoners so while underfeeding the inmates probably is illegal, keeping the money probably isn’t.

Doing some rithmaticking, I figure that Sheriff Bartlett was feeding the inmates on about $1.10 per day or about 63% the daily food allowance. You want to take bets on how long until this guy has a weight loss / money saving reality TV show?

Sheriff Bartlett the Starver!

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