Fluffernutter Massachusetts’ Official State Sandwich?

The Massachusetts legislature is debating a bill to declare an official sandwich. The bill, (H-2932), submitted by Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein (for the second time, actually) is “An Act designating the fluffernutter as the official sandwich of the commonwealth.” (Full disclosure: As a resident of Union Square, Somerville, where Fluff was invented, and a lifelong Fluff fan, I wholeheartedly support this bill.)

This got me curious about whether there are other Official State Sandwiches out there. Via FoodTimeline.org, I found that 2 states have sandwiches known as “traditional foods” (Iowa’s Loose Meat Sandwich and Nebraska’s Runza Sandwich), but this is obviously not the same thing. Even a state in Mexico has an official sandwich (Vera Cruz’s Pambazo). Someone suggested, as a joke, that the Oreo become the Official State Sandwich COOKIE of Utah (which doesn’t count because it’s a cookie and a joke), and in response to the bill being submitted in MA, a Florida radio duo began lobbying Florida to declare a official state sandwich.

Meanwhile, bloggers in Indiana and New Hampshire have previously begun movements agitating for a state sandwich of their own. Delaware’s might be the Bobby, but there wasn’t anything definitive on the nets, so send me a message if you’re in the know and I’ll add a link. As far as I can tell, though, the only “Official State Sandwich” out there is Carle’s Bratwurst, the Official State Sandwich of Ohio (recognized as such in a 2006 omnibus bill recognizing 64 other people, places and things as official symbols of Ohio).

Finally, I would be remiss if I neglected to link to the official Marshmallow Fluff Homepage, complete with history, recipes, and fun. Obviously the Fluff Festival as well.

(This post was inspired by my friends at Grand, an awesome shop in Union Square that is celebrating their one year anniversary this weekend. (No Fluff was promised to me for this plug.))

Fluffernutter Massachusetts’ Official State Sandwich?

0 thoughts on “Fluffernutter Massachusetts’ Official State Sandwich?

  1. JLD says:

    Iowa: masters of marketing.

    The sandwich is probably delicious, but neither the title “loose meat sandwich” nor the picture on the website linked does anything to suggest I should try one if I’m ever passing through the state.


  2. An official state sandwich? Why doesn’t every state get their own sandwich? What will they think up next? I think someone has to much time on their hands to think up such a thing and second to follow through. I’d love to try it though!


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