24 Season 7 Episode 7 2 PM – 3 PM Live Blog

Should be a good week if it’s anything like last week. So far we’ve got a 9 on the Jack Bauer Knockdown Count (remember for a JBKC, people don’t need to be killed by Jack Bauer, just knocked down or out). I’m going out on a limb and predicting the end of the air plane plot line because it looks like they blow up Dubaku’s headquarters. Jack Bauer wasn’t on too much last week, so maybe that will be rectified tonight.

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2:00 PM
-Ah, the yellow rental truck is going to bite them in the ass. Saw that one coming.
-Code residue? Is that real?
-“FIRST GENTLEMAN” that’s the first time they’ve let us know what they call him. Now I can call him FG.
-Ethan is so easily chastened. What a lousy, lousy public servant.
-Dubaku and Juma, traitors in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
-Can a guy in Sengala get to be Prime Minister without having been tortured by an opposition party at some point?
-Jack Bauer and Walker making a good team. Larry Moss is going to be BITTER!
-Wow. Roane and Associates are going to want to get office space in a more secure location next time.
-Jack Bauer’s not doing too bad these days. No broken ribs or anything yet. Hard to know he drove a car out of a parking garage a couple hours ago.
-“We will be alright. Jack Bauer will be here soon.” I like how even Motobo’s wife uses his full name.
-“I know what it does, honey.”
-Maybe Chloe or Janice can hack into the computer system?
-Why doesn’t Mr. Brunner use contractions? It’s a little weird.
-Looks like there are a couple people following along. Anything you want to ask the venerable ’24’ experts out there? Post a question in the comments.
-I forget what the title of this Colin Farrell looking guy is, but I hate him as much as Ninny Ethan. What’s with all the weak advisers? Strong Unitary Executive?
-All the split screens are kind of cute, don’t you think?
-“Yeah? It looks like you might need to lighten up.”
-Wow, Jon hates her more than me, but Garafolo really is aweful.
-This gas won’t burn his eyes out?
-7 minutes until the tank explodes?
-Now THAT was a shoot out. It was a good idea to blow up the roof and get in there using option 2.
-Even in HD, it was hard to count, but I think Jack Bauer got 6 in that one. JBKC now at 15.
-Oh yeah, the car crash guy. Heh.
-Fuck man. Did they need to blow up Latham? Like, how much time did that buy Dubaku?
-The FBI wouldn’t know about the gun fire and the explosion at Roane and Associates?
-Why does Billy Walsh have to find Bruenner’s family for Janice? She can’t do it herself?
-If a Secret Service Agent goes dark, doesn’t that become a big deal? Also, what about the US Marshall outside the apartment?
-“You’re telling me my husband has gone missing?” How does the President ever assume she’ll have to say that?
-That’s an amazing recovery for the First Gentleman, no?
-Not a lot happened during that segment, so I had a chance to try to suspend my disbelief and I realized I couldn’t. There’s no way General Juma was able to buy off the Secret Service Agent charged with protecting the First Gentleman. Nope.
-“We need additional resources.” Like who, Jack Bauer? Hmmm?
-Via the comments, Jon… Did you notice that the APB was for the Secret Service Agent and not for the FG?
-Motobu can just get into the President like that? Isn’t that how Sarah Palin got punk’d?
-It’s crazy that Bill and Tony are now deferring to Jack Bauer as the leader. I mean it makes sense, but Jack Bauer is more of a guy to be lead than to lead. Otherwise, who can he say, “Damn it, I need to do this” to?
-Dubaku has a softer side apparently?

That was a pretty quick episode. Not a lot in which to be disappointed. I told you the airplane plot was over, didn’t I? And looks like the FG will get rescued next week which makes me think that after next week is when we get a new plot twist.

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24 Season 7 Episode 7 2 PM – 3 PM Live Blog

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