G.I. Joe Movie Info Fest (Super Bowl Spot Leaked!)

I thought for sure I had posted something about the G.I. Joe movie supposedly coming out this summer, but a search through our archives comes up empty. What I would have posted then was the movie takes place some years in the future and instead of featuring a crew of All American Heroes, the team is like some kind of quasi UN special forces. And then G.I. Joe figures were my favorite toys growing up. FAVORITE. Every year my mom asks about tossing them and every year I say no.

In any case, a Twitter post by Agent_M pointed me towards this 12 second clip on ET about the movie. And then, down the rabbit hole I went, spending the next several hours looking for info on the movie. There’s not a lot out there making me me think August 7th was an old release date and the movie had been pushed. What kind of comic book movie comes out without some snip of footage being released 18 months early? So imagine my delight at stumbling upon a sneak preview of the Super Bowl spot leaked to the web TODAY?

The movie looks slick and the 30 second spot shows the destruction of the Eifel Tower along with Duke, Scarlet, General Hawk, and most importantly, Snake Eyes. I’m going. More G.I. Joe memories and movie awesomeness after the jump.

Cobra Commander looks like a ninny, but at least he’s not Shia Labeouf.

An apparently coked out Brendan Fraiser talks about how he got the role of Gung Ho.

A well-done meet the cast preview letting us know that the movie features Sienna Miller, Darth Maul, Mr. Ecko, and a Duke who can dance. Actually, Tatum sort of looks like Zoolander in this picture.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra IMDB page featuring a ton of trivia already.

Cobra Commander chose Tumblr as his blog platform of choice, which is strange, and he’s also on Twitter. Get ready for insufferable tweets from multiple different versions of multiple characters a la Mad Men and 24. I was thinking about heroically squatting on all the character names I could find to prevent this, but I’m way too late.

I thought for sure there was a Destro blog out there at one point complaining about middle management, etc, but I couldn’t find it on the Google. Anyone remember that or was it a sweet, sweet dream?

The intro to the original cartoon. I probably watched this at least once a day in 3rd and 4th Grade.

G.I. Joe Noir made in 1991 on 2 VCRs. Awesome.

Pretty awesome fan trailer for an imagined movie.

Here’s a celebration of the 21st anniversary of The Fridge G.I. Joe action figure. Sgt Slaughter and Ted Williams were other real (or ‘real’ in the case of Slaughter) people to be made into G.I. Joe figures.

This is the climax to my favorite episode growing up. I was most excited by the crazy fortifications they put into place to resist ‘The Viper’.

Here are the original corny PSAs that ended every episode, and then some overdubbed versions of the same PSAs.

Here are the bio cards for a lot of figures from the Hasbro website. Growing up, my across the street neighbor worked for Hasbro, which at the time was my dream job. I had the Killer W.H.A.L.E. hovercraft and remember learning what jealousy was when I met someone who had the USS Flagg aircraft carrier. That thing was sick. Going though this list it appears that I had a lot of Joes from 1982-1989.

Here’s another handy list of characters and the G.I. Joe Wiki.

I liked helmeted Cobra Commander better than the Mushmouth Hooded Cobra Commander, but my favorite figures were Snake-Eyes, Tunnel Rat, Firefly and Storm Shadow.

Finally, am I the only one that used to remix or mash up my figures by unscrewing the back screw and changing the head and legs of the figures around? I used to make all sorts of double agent Joes this way.

There you have it, my G.I. Joe memories collected in one place. I know I’m not the only one who grew up with this stuff. What do you remember?

G.I. Joe Movie Info Fest (Super Bowl Spot Leaked!)

0 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Movie Info Fest (Super Bowl Spot Leaked!)

  1. Mike says:

    Nice reference to “the window viper!”

    I had various Joes who’s double-jointness made them always the Joe to take the fall when someone had to get hurt.


  2. APik says:

    GI Joe was also my favorite growing up. I believe I may even own a copy of the 1987 animated GI Joe Movie (on VHS). It’s great because it features Burgess Meredith as the voice of Golobulous, and we even find out why Cobra Commander always wears a mask and sounds like he has laryngitis.

    Also, it took me a bit to find, but here’s my fake Destro’s blog, from my old website for a fake company:
    I’d read from the bottom up if I were you.


    1. ac says:

      I forgot that Destro was an employee of Morlingis! Now it makes sense why I couldn’t find it. Time to bring that shiz back in time for the movie.


  3. bdd says:

    i am a big fan of GI Joe. it was originally a cartoon series that i always watched when i was just a kid. i also collected many GI Joe action figures.


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