Chuck Klosterman Blog

Since my favorite authors refuse to have blogs of their own, I will do it for them. Here’s an article by Chuck Klosterman about Obama’s brother-in-law Craig Robinson a college basketball coach in Oregon. The famous campaign story of Michele making (NBA alumni) Craig let Obama play basketball with him and his friends is retold and analyzed from a different light.

Here’s Klosterman on The B.S. Report podcast. Haven’t listened yet, but I imagine it will be good.

And you know what else? Someone needs to come up with an Alltop channel that features all the articles by all the good authors who refuse to have blogs. I’m thinking Michael Lewis, Michael Pollan, Klosterman, maybe Susan Orlean if it’s about origami or orchids, maybe Krakauer, Gladwell because he never updates his site. There’s others. Who am I missing?

Chuck Klosterman Blog

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