208 Facebook Status Messages in 24 Hours

Another big event calls for another look at the Facebook Status Stream or FaStStream (get it? get it?). This one’s even in chronological order as opposed to the 273 Facebook Status from Election Day.

You can see the waves again, from mood to mood, more subtle this time. From eagerness the night before, to some folks waiting in line on the Mall, to when CNN/Facebook started up (those status messages are tagged), to when Obama was speaking and peeps were calling out their favorite quotations, to Rev Lowry calling for an ‘Amen’, to people getting ready to go out to Inaugural Balls.

One surprising absence is commentary on Chief Justice Roberts’ flubbing the oath (it’s been confirmed that the 20th Amendment makes the Oath a formality, so Obama IS officially the President). And it’s hard to tell that anyone was watching the parade (even the viewing stand was empty by the time it started). CNN was making references to the ceremonies running late all day and I hope, hope, HOPE, they don’t turn this into a ‘theme’ of the Administration. We’ll see. I watched the ceremony in a conference room at work on ABC via Slingbox. There were about 30-40 co-workers watching as well. Those are my memories from the day, what did you catch?

I’m exhausted and the Obamas still have 4 more balls to get to as of 11:46PM on 1/20. Not sure how they’re still going.

I’m going to lay it out right now. Facebook/Twitter needs to allow for exporting of these streams, or someone’s going to have to build the tool, because I don’t have the time to format these bitches every time we come together as a nation to celebrate the election of a transcendent figure. Got it?

Without further adieu, below are 208 Facebook Status Messages from my friends in 24 hours including the Inauguration.

BK is celebrating the final night of the worst 8 years our country has seen — at least in my lifetime. on Monday
JA has acquired his inauguration tickets. We’re in the back in the silver zone. Can’t wait till tomorrow! on Monday
EL is so excited for tomorrow i can hardly focus on anything! holy schmoley! we will finally have an inspiring leader! on Monday

More messages after the jump.

RH in chicago, listening to sufjan’s ‘chicago’, and getting ready for a chicago politician to pull us past the W years. on Monday
MP is excited about tomorrow–too bad I’ll have to see the inaugural fanfare after the fact. Back to back meetings (lame, right?) on Monday
PO just heard that Cheney injured his back moving boxes into his new home. He will attend tomorrow’s inauguration in a wheelchair. How appropriate! on Monday
CM wishes I was in DC with Mama, Papa, Ellen and Conor. on Monday
CM was going to make cookies to celebrate tomorrow but realized we only had one (salt) ingredient called for in the recipe. Peanut M&Ms it is. 23 hours ago
JO is 14 hours away! Happy ObamaEve everyone! 23 hours ago
TJB is falling asleep for the last time under a GWB presidency. Amen. 23 hours ago
JG says change, change, change Change from fools. 20 hours ago
WA goodbye to all that. 19 hours ago
JJ says hooray Obama! Looking forward to the speech! 19 hours ago
ED what is Obama’s plan for the Zombie War? huh, huh? 17 hours ago
JA is in line for the inauguration! Only three hours till they open the gate. 15 hours ago
SW was up at 5:45, and is on the way to the inauguration! Metro parking lots already full, Mall near the capital already packed, this is gonna be cahRAzy. 15 hours ago
TJB is Janurary 20, 2009. 15 hours ago
AK is layers layers layers!! 14 hours ago
VV is OBAMA! 14 hours ago
LS wants to be teleported to d.c. stat. 14 hours ago
KS is excited for the day! 13 hours ago
EEC is celebrating her dog’s 10th birthday and a Democratic president!!! 13 hours ago
EJH Wishing the inauguration were on a weekend or a holiday. 13 hours ago
BK has the audacity to hope. 13 hours ago
EG is hopeful. 13 hours ago
RTM is feeling JUBILATION! 12 hours ago
EB is OBAMA. 12 hours ago
JO is ready for high noon! Very very very exciting day for me! 12 hours ago
TP is in inaugural bliss.12 hours ago
BF is so excited!! yes we can!!! 12 hours ago
KH is so thrilled that inauguration day has finally arrived! yaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! 12 hours ago
SB is happy that Bush is on his way out the door! 12 hours ago
DA is going to have another week from hell but is psyched about change starting today!!! 12 hours ago
JH misunderestimated exactly how excited I would be waking up today! Yes! 11 hours ago
AFM is happy first Obama day!! 11 hours ago
PW is Obama!!!!! 11 hours ago
JF happy Obama! 11 hours ago
SF is very happy to welcome our new President Obama. Best wishes to everyone. 11 hours ago
EL is OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!! 11 hours ago
LMC Happy Obama Day! 11 hours ago
SBS is relieved. 11 hours ago
GB is watching the inauguration before his last day of skiing. That’s a LOT of people. 11 hours ago
RH is wearing red, white, and blueand is very happy. 11 hours ago
IM is so excited. he wishes he could watch tv with his wife in his arms all day. work gets in the way of everything. 11 hours ago
MS is hopeful for our new start. 11 hours ago
ESJ is ready for change. 11 hours ago via CNN.com Live
CR wishes she had the day off.and a TV. 11 hours ago
JD is so glad Dustin Hoffman finally got to see this day come. 11 hours ago
SP is covering local reaction to the inauguration here in Portland, Maine for the Press Herald. 10 hours ago
HC is at home watching the inauguration sipping ginger ale and popping ricolas and tylenol. 10 hours ago
NS is proud to be an American! buhbye Bush!! 10 hours ago
AC is getting totally and completely inaugurated. 10 hours ago
PO is fired up. 10 hours ago
BF is loving Michelle Obama’s dress! 10 hours ago
MP is optimistic! And moved stuff around to witness history. :-). 10 hours ago
CM hopes I don’t start crying watching the inaugeration at work today. Keep it together. 10 hours ago
MM is woohoo! 10 hours ago
JB wants to ride in one of Obama’s new tank/car things. 10 hours ago
JD is facebook has jumped the shark live on CNN!!! 10 hours ago
SGW is heading up to watch the inauguration! 10 hours ago
JW is excited for the big O. 10 hours ago
JO is under an hour away from saying President Obama. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SC what tha? FACEBOOK is everywhere. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WA here we go. 10 hours ago
WS loving this day! 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
NS is OBAMANOS! 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JS wants to watch the inauguration without the press commentary. 10 hours ago
CB is glad we get to watch inauguration at work.10 hours ago
CP is watching the “connecting to stream” screen. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WS move them out – fast! 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SC I love those guys. What a cute couple. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WS love Hill’s blue coat. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JO thinks the guy MCing the Innaugatio should do call baseball games. Now batting. Number 44 Barack Obama. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WS Obama girls are so sweet. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
LMC They are so freaking cute. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JO can these kids get any cuter? 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
RT is digging this facebook in CNN thing 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SM thinks this is f-ing huge. 10 hours ago via CNN.com Live
PS is happy to be with the KGBV girls, but wishing she could partake in inauguration festivities 9 hours ago
CP is CONNECTED! Finally! 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
TH was thinking last night, what are all the angst-ridden political bands gonna sing about for the next 4 years? 9 hours ago
GB feels pretty damn lucky to be an American today. 9 hours ago
SM can comiserate with back pain but Cheney hurting his back moving out makes her giggle. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WS goosebumps. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
CP HAHAHAAH at the Dick’in-a’chair. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WA still can’t believe it. 9 hours ago
WS cheney is hell on wheels. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
CP honorable George W Bush?! 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SM is “oh boy oh boy oh boy.” 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
ESJ is here he comes! 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
MS is sharing a back spasm with Dick Cheney. 9 hours ago
ESJ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
MM is watching. 9 hours ago
SM wonders why the prayer when they have that whole separation of church and state thing. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
MC is oh my god this is SOOOOOOO great!!! Hit the road “W”!!! 9 hours ago
PW is trying to watch the Inauguration during class. Thank you Ty! 9 hours ago
JJ is thinking wow! Amazing history Obama! 9 hours ago
SR this keeps getting better and better!! 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
ESJ thats one big bow. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
GB ‘s closed captions said “my country advertise of thee.” 9 hours ago
RH is CHILLS. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SM is yay! the queen of soul!!! 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
AL says GO ARETHA! 9 hours ago
SP is glad change is here!9 hours ago
BF is oh my god it’s happening!!! 9 hours ago
DM is solidarity of joy and accomplishment vs. anger and pain. 9 hours ago
AK is hoping obama’s first act as president will be to outlaw winter! 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
LN is still in a meeting, and lost the feed. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SM is wondering if they will bring out “Obama Girl” from SNL 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SF is standing. 9 hours ago
DM see you in HELL george w bush!!! 9 hours ago
MM is listening. 9 hours ago
LMC is happy. 9 hours ago
LN is missing the whole thing :(. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
BK — all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. 9 hours ago
9 hours ago
AL is down with BHO!
SM loves this guy. 9 hours ago via CNN.com Live
RTM is watching change happen with her daughter knowing “People will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.” 9 hours ago
AK is truly enjoying the moment. 9 hours ago
CP is goosebumps. 8 hours ago
MC is so happy to have a president who can deliver a speech like that!! 8 hours ago
GB says, “Amen!” 8 hours ago
RH is smiling. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
NW is American. 8 hours ago
BS agrees: “Your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy” 8 hours ago
GJ is wondering who this Obama guy is??? 8 hours ago
DR is very hopeful. 8 hours ago
JS says AMEN! 8 hours
SM says amen. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JO is proud. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JFA is hopeful. 8 hours ago
SM says “wheeeeee.” 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SB is happy. 8 hours ago
MS is enjoying the interv. 8 hours ago
MS is yay Social Studies teacher from Medford on CBS! 8 hours ago
SK is waving good-bye to our worst president ever and filled with excitement for the Obamas and the country! 8 hours ago
SM is pleased watching Cheney leave. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JW is “Our Founding Fathers drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man…Those ideals still light the world” 8 hours
SM likes the new whitehouse.gov site. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SC bye bye. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
WS watched history with Jackson and Mom. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
SBS is so happy she got to watch the inauguration from work. Thanks, Stonyfield! 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
CW New direction! 8 hours ago
PJ I saw Obama levitate, anyone else see it? 8 hours ago
KH is wow. wow. wow. 8 hours ago
KB just watched the inauguration. What a great day this is! 8 hours ago
NS thinks the real reason why Cheney (Dr. Strangelove) was in a wheelchair was because he pulled a Plaxico Burress. 8 hours ago
SGWis happy that it’s official. 8 hours ago
JW agrees with G. Smith that it’s kinda awesome that Cheney is going out as a Bond villain. 8 hours ago
ME is restoring science to its rightful place. 8 hours ago
NS is wondering why Bush gets to ride in AirForceOne. Give the guy a bike and call it a day. 8 hours ago via CNN.com Live
AC Just compared notes on innaug with a gas station attendant in Santa barbara. It’s a new day. 7 hours ago
LJBP is an inspired American! 7 hours ago
JG is hell yeah Barack! 7 hours ago
PW is welcome!!!! 7 hours ago
IM just downright enjoyed it all. 7 hours ago
EL is AMEN! 7 hours ago via CNN.com Live
BF is making a special inauguration day cake. go-bama! 7 hours ago
JR is Obama time! 7 hours ago
HS is perma grinning from Obama! 7 hours ago
JG thinks this is one of those days when you’ll always remember where you were. 7 hours ago
TYY just ate a barackwurst and is waiting for Mr. President to walk by in the parade. 7 hours ago
FH was just behind the Washington Monument it was moving. Me, the jumbo-tron, and thousands and thousands of others! 7 hours ago
GB is taking his first ski runs under a Democratic president in eight long years. 7 hours ago
CP loved Elizabeth Alexander’s ‘Praise song for the day.’. 7 hours ago
CP is did it. 6 hours ago
PC loves that ABC is using the Illuminations theme for their Inauguration ad breaks – represent Epcot! 6 hours ago
AK is “people will judge you on what you can build, not what you can destroy.” 6 hours ago
CP Haha so good! @timparker: http://www.rundc09.com/RUN_DC_09.html. 6 hours ago
EL is cheney looks _much_ more evil in a wheelchair. if only he had a hairless cat. ;). 6 hours ago
RH ‘s thoughts are with teddy. 6 hours ago via CNN.com Live
MM wants to be optomistic. 6 hours ago
JH Is proud and emotional. 5 hours ago
VV is wondering what Obama is thinking right now. 5 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JG kinda wonders what was going through Barack head when he was escorting Bush to the helicopter. 5 hours ago
AK is sore feet, empty stomach, and a heartful of hope! 5 hours ago
VV thinks choosing Rick Warren was a strategic move to appeal to the Christian right, a smart move indeed although a bit ethnocentric. 5 hours ago via CNN.com Live
PW is procrastinating with the parade. 5 hours ago
SK thinks it’s a good day to be alive. 5 hours ago
EL is 🙂 http://socialentrepreneurship.change.org/blog/view/the_entrepreneurial_presidency_five_ways_to_govern_like_a_startup. 4 hours ago
VV wonders where they got those Native Americans. you mean there are some left? 4 hours ago via CNN.com Live
AL Barack looks like he’s reading to go home. 4 hours ago via CNN.com Live
VV thinks Obama wants a cigarrette now. 4 hours ago via CNN.com Live
VV thinks Obama’s simle is BEAUTIFUL. 4 hours ago via CNN.com Live
VV thinks this CNN thing is so ADD. 4 hours ago via CNN.com Live
MC If only the inauguration was on tv everyday I think that’s the first time in ages I was able to actually stay on the treadmill. 3 hours ago
VV is glad Obama is really intelligent. 3 hours ago via CNN.com Live
JA was there. 3 hours ago
JH Thinks it is in poor taste to run an infomercial selling “obama minted coins” directly following this historic moment. 3 hours ago
LB is happy new president everyone! 3 hours ago
MC Maureen Dowd – very cool and very scary all at the same time. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/18/opinion/18dowd.html. 3 hours ago
VV is Aretha Frankin’s hat. 3 hours ago via CNN.com Live
DB Hooray, America! 3 hours ago
AK is heading to the Western ball, thanks to her awesome new boss! 3 hours ago
CM what an amazing day. Let the celebrating begin! 2 hours ago
MC Love this headline: Obama raises hand, lifts a nation. 2 hours ago
SM is attempting to be ungrumpy. about an hour ago
JFA doesn’t think that shovelling out a spot entitles you to it for the rest of the winter. about an hour ago
TYY is about to do the ball thing. about an hour ago
RD is obamanation. about an hour ago
GH thinks it really IS a new day, and can tolerate Will I. Am. about an hour ago
HW is wearing short sleeves and got to watch the inauguration in class today. Best first day of classes ever! 51 minutes ago
ME is Neighborhood Ballin!!! 49 minutes ago
ME wants to watch Barry dance all night. 35 minutes ago
AC has not taken a shower since the bush administration. 4 minutes ago

208 Facebook Status Messages in 24 Hours

0 thoughts on “208 Facebook Status Messages in 24 Hours

  1. SBS says:

    “AC has not taken a shower since the bush administration. 4 minutes ago” is my favorite.

    I have to admit that “SBS is relieved” only because SS survived the lay-offs. Happy Obama Day, oh yeah and you’re fired. Hey Grandpa, where were you when Obama became president? I was getting drunk because I lost my job that day.


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